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Icecream Screen Recorder Review: Is It Good?

Since new software is released almost daily, it is critical to determine which is the best. As a result, we’ve created this post to examine a popular screen recorder, the Icecream Screen Recorder. This post will tell you about its advantages, disadvantages, features, and pricing plan.

What Is An Icecream Screen Recorder?

Screen recording is helpful in today’s digital world for capturing live broadcasts of online games, recording tutorials, and troubleshooting. Whatever the cause, all users want high-quality screen recordings, and this screen capturing software can help you complete this operation. Icecream Screen Recorder is one software used to record what’s on your screen. It has various features and allows you to modify the recording parameters to your liking. It is pretty simple to use and is available for free. You can use the tool to take screenshots and schedule recordings. To help you decide whether to use this tool, we came up with this article to review Icecream Screen Recorder for PC.

Once you download Icecream Screen Recorder for Windows, it records audio, microphone, and mouse events, animating mouse clicks and highlighting the mouse pointer.



  • Add a custom watermark to your screen recording.
  • Add text, shapes & arrows to make demonstration tutorials.
  • Gives you the ability to choose output quality.
  • Make GIFs using this Screencasting tool


  • Free version limits you to 5 minutes of recording time

Why Choose An Icecream Screen Recorder?

There are lots of reasons why you should choose Icecream Screen Recorder.  We are listing a few of them:

  1. Full-screen and targeted area recording.
  2. To safeguard your screen capture content, use a watermark.
  3. Provide annotations on your recordings.
  4. Include webcam overlays on the screen recordings.
  5. Audio recording with an internal or external microphone (with system sounds)
  6. You can even use the PC screen recording tool to capture 3D games.
  7. Provides the feature to trim the video after recording.
  8. You can convert the file to a different format after recording.
  9. Accelerate and decelerate your pre-recorded video speed.
  10. Use the Mouse animation to show viewers your mouse operations.
  11. Key-press display on your recordings, so viewers know what you’re clicking on.
  12. For recording, you also get to use hotkeys.
  13. You get multiple timer options to schedule the screen recordings.

Screenshots Supports

  • Fullscreen
  • Scrolling Screenshot
  • Selected Region
  • Single Windows

Recording Supports

  • Full screen with taskbar
  • Full screen without taskbar
  • Scrolling Screenshot
  • Selected Region
  • Single Windows

Sound Recording

  • Microphone Audio
  • System Audio


  • Mouse Clicks
  • Mouse Cursor


  • Customize watermark
  • Remove Watermark

Video Resolution

  • 4K
  • HD

Video formats

  • AVI
  • FLV
  • MP4

Customer Support

  • Email Support

Technical Specifications-

  • Current Version – 6.27 updated on March 7, 2022
  • File Size: 54.7 MB
  • Compatibility – Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
  • Processor – 2.66Ghz Intel®, AMD, or any other compatible processor
  • Memory – 1 GB of RAM, but 4GB is recommended
  • Disk space – 150MB to 5GB of free disk space

How To Use Icecream Screen Recorder?

Icecream Screen Recorder is easy to install owing to a familiar setup wizard. Here are the steps to download are as follows:

Step 1: Click on the download button given below to get Icecream Screen Recorder for your Windows PC –

Step 2: Run the setup file and follow the instructions mentioned in the installation window and you are good to go.

setup file of icecream screen recorder

Step 3: After installation is completed, simply launch the software. Select a mode, like Fullscreen, by pressing Capture video on the Topbar.

Pressing Capture video

Step 4: Toggle the frame over the appropriate region and release it. Then, specify the required specifications, such as custom, 960p, full screen, etc.


Step 5: To begin screen recording, press the Rec button.


Step 6:  Meanwhile recording, you can also use the Draw option to highlight the screen, indicate a selected area, etc. Click the Draw Rec button to begin drawing, writing Text, and adding shapes on the screen in real-time.


Step 7: Once you are done recording the screen, to end the recording, click Stop. Enter the video file’s name and click OK, and your recording will now be saved on your computer.

A notification bar will appear on the screen to show that your recording is complete.

Step 8: Inbuilt Video editing is a useful feature that can be used right after recording the screen. Click on the Edit Video button. It will open a new window and give you options such as File name, File format, speed, and video resolution.

video resolution

Play the video to review and make the due changes and click on Save to the video recording.

Save to the video recording

The video clip will be saved in the same Destination folder. To view, click on the Open Folder option. To resume the editing process, click on Continue button.

Step 9: The recording will also appear on the app and can be viewed from the home screen.

Similarly, you can use Icecream Screen Recorder to take screenshots on the Windows PC. It provides you with different modes – Full Screen, Capture area, Area Auto detection and Last Area.

take screenshots on the Windows


75% - Good

The interface of the Icecream Screen Recorder is user-friendly. When you launch the software, you will see the Loading window followed by the main window of the Icecream Screen Recorder. Before proceeding to the real screen capture in the working area, you will see the program’s logo and two buttons in the center of the window: “Capture video” and “Screenshot.” Choosing one of these will take the user to the selected mode, following which the user can begin working.

With the video recording tool’s graphical interface, you can adjust video and game capture settings, choose screenshots, record audio, and change other preferences. While recording, it automatically reduces to the system tray, allowing you to perform desktop tasks.


80% - Very Good

1. Different Screen Capture modes

With Icecream Screen Recorder, you can easily specify how much of your screen you wish to record. This is an extremely hand function, and you will understand its importance as you utilize screen recordings more frequently.  From my experience, you can’t use the screen recorders that don’t have this capability for the long term. So I’m delighted Icecream Screen Recorder includes this option.

2. Scheduling The Tasks

Scheduling the tasks

This is one of Icecream Screen Recorder’s newest Pro features, allowing you to schedule screen capture sessions. Click on the “Tasks” button and the plus button in the upper right corner. Select the recording area frames, the date and time for the start and completion of the recording operation, input the task name if necessary, and save it. Following that, a new task will be added to your list. Each item in this list has a title, a start and stop date and time, and a status. You can remove any task, update a pending task, and open a ready task’s contained folder.

3. Highlight Mouse Movements And Clicks

When watching a screen recording, it might be difficult to notice the mouse pointer. And you want to be certain that your audience can follow you wherever you go. So having the ability to emphasize your mouse movements and clicks might make your films a lot more user-friendly.

4. Draw While Recording

You can easily select the drawing function in the recording window of the software to draw different shapes while recording your laptop’s screen. This is quite handy when creating a video tutorial and highlighting a certain portion of the screen. In the image below, I’ve used an arrow to highlight the logo/name of my website.

5. Panel of history

Panel of history

A table containing information about successfully generated screenshots and movies is available in this panel. You can view the file’s name or URL, as well as its size, duration, and resolution. To the right, there is a folder icon that will take you to a containing folder or a chain icon that will take you to the URL with the submitted screenshot. The last column has recycling bin icons; select one to remove the required file.

6. Create GIFs

Create GIFs

Icecream Screen Recorder can be used to create GIFs on your computer. It is easier than you think, as you do not need to choose other than the basic modes of operation to create a GIF. Just click on the More button in front of the screen recording and go to the Convert to GIF option, where you can select the resolution.

7. Upload Online

Upload Online

While most screen recording software still lacks this critical feature, Icecream Screen Recorder makes your life easier. It incorporates the Upload to the internet option for screenshots, recorded videos, and gameplays. All you need to do is go to the More option for the selected file on the tool and click on the Upload button for the respective source. It provides the Upload to YouTube, Google Drive, and Dropbox options to help you save space on your PC.


70% - Good

Simply said, Icecream Screen Recorder software has a variety of specifications that are continually growing. When an update is available, you will get a notification in the form of a pop-up asking you to update the application. Once you do that, you can enjoy the latest additional features.


70% - Good

There is a free version available for Icecream Screen Recorder. However, there you get only certain limited facilities. The free version only allows you to export WEBM files. However, the pro version will enable you to export MP4 and MKV files. The free edition also has a recording duration limit of 5 minutes, only a few editing capabilities, and a default watermark.

If you want to enjoy these additional features, you must upgrade to the pro version. Icecream Screen Recorder’s pro edition costs $29.95 as a one-time payment for up to 2 Windows PCs to get a lifetime license with full features.

pricing of screen recorder


80% - Very Good

The performance of this software has received quite good comments regarding speed and efficiency. We have also experienced good speed and negligent lagging while recording the screen and taking screenshots. There is no lag experienced in the free edition of the software.

Customer Support

80% - Very Good

customer service

Their customer service is efficient as it has a Help button on the Main interface which directs you to the official Help Page –

Their customer service is efficient as it has a Help button on the Main interface which directs you to the official Help Page –

If you consult the manuals or knowledge-base articles and your problem is still not fixed, you can submit a ticket. The best thing is that each of their products has its email support team, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the Icecream Screen Recorder safe?

Ans: Yes, Icecream Screen Recorder is safe to use product. It is a secure tool for your Windows PC to record screens in various modes.

Q2. Is Icecream Screen Recorder good for gaming?

Ans: A few screen recording tools provide features useful for gamers, and Icecream Screen Recorder is one of them. It has a standalone Game Capture mode for recording PC gaming and works seamlessly as game recording software.

Q3. Does Icecream Screen Recorder have a watermark?

Ans: Icecream Screen Recorder allows you to apply a customized watermark to your videos before recording them in the Pro version. However,  the free version includes an Icecream Screen Recorder watermark for your screen captures and can’t be altered.

Q4. Does Icecream Screen Recorder have a time limit?

Ans: The free edition for Icecream Screen Recorder adds a watermark and has a recording duration limit of 5 minutes.

Verdict –

I tried it myself and found it an excellent program with all the capabilities a screen should have. Aside from the recording screen, you can also record gameplay, snap pictures, generate URLs to share with friends, record audio, and convert video clips to GIFs. What I appreciate best about Icecream Screen Recorder is the ease of use and versatile features compared to other applications.

However, we must acknowledge that every product has its drawbacks. It also lacks certain crucial features compared to other screen recorders on the market. There aren’t many collaboration capabilities available on the software. When live streaming, you can’t change the background, which makes the setting appear monotonous.

Moreover, it is also not compatible with the latest Windows version – Windows 11. Therefore, we suggest you check out TweakShot Screen Recorder for screen recording on Windows 11.

We look forward to your comments to know more about your opinion on this blog post. Also, if you liked this, we recommend you check out the best PC Cleaners to free the storage space on your PC. For more such reviews on Windows software, keep visiting Top10PCSoftware. Also, follow us on social media platforms for the latest updates for Windows software. We are on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Flipboard.

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