Easy File Shredder Review For Windows 11/10 PC

easy file shredder

Are you all set to exchange your old computer for a new one? But, beware! Even though you have formatted all your drives to wipe out all the confidential files, the data is still recoverable. That’s where you need a professional data-erasing tool. In this post, we are going to review Easy File Shredder which is regarded as one of the most powerful file shredder software, designed for Windows 7 and above versions.


Gone are the days when formatting or emptying the recycle bin ensured that the data was deleted forever. Someone with data recovery software or other such advanced methods can easily recover the data that you think you have deleted.

So, is there a way in which you can delete your files in such a way that it can’t be recovered? Yes! You can download a file shredder utility like Easy File Shredder. In this blog, we’ll review this tool inside out, and discuss its various features, pricing, and other aspects.

How Does Easy File Shredder Work?

When you delete a file using the delete or shift+delete operation, it is not permanently deleted. Instead, only the file’s directory entry and index are removed, marking the space occupied by the file as available for new data.  However, until that space is overwritten with new data, the original file content remains intact and recoverable using data recovery tools.

Easy File Shredder, on the other hand, uses advanced data removal algorithms where data is overwritten multiple times. Once the files stored on drives, and other storage mediums are shredded using this utility, it’s impossible to recover data.

Before Using Easy File Shredder Make Sure You Backup Important Data

Before using Easy File Shredder, we urge you to take a backup of your sensitive data. That’s because files and drives that are once wiped off using Easy File Shredder can’t be recovered, not even if you use any professional data recovery software. Here are some of the best backup software that can help you take a backup of your data.

How To Use Easy File Shredder?

Here is how easy it is to erase data with Easy File Shredder –

Step 1 – Download Easy File Shredder and run the installation file.

Step 2 – Once installed, choose from one of the options. For example, let’s assume you want to delete some files from your computer securely and completely. In this case, click on Shred Files. 

easy file shredder review

Step 3 – Click on the +Add Disk button. This will enlist all the drives on your computer in a tree directory format. Select the folders and files that you want to erase.

easy file shredder

Step 4 – From the top select a Shredding Method that you want to use to erase your files.

easy file shredder review

Step 5 – Click on the Start Shredder button. Click on Yes when the Start Shredding prompt appears.

easy file shredder


80% - Good

When you download Easy File Shredder you get a simple and intuitive interface. However, upon comparison with some other file-shredding tools, you may observe that the interface appears somewhat dated. Nevertheless, the buttons and options are well-labeled, providing clear indications of their functions.

Once you download and install the application, the home screen offers you four options to shred data – Wipe Disk, Shred Files, Shred Deleted Files, and Scan for Deleted Files. Clicking on either of the options takes you to the next screen, which enlists all the above options on the left-hand side.

easy file shredder review

After choosing an option from the left-hand side, you can further select a drive, file, or folder from the directory tree that appears on the right. Moreover, for every option, you can choose from 13 shredding methods or even configure a shredding method as well.

easy file shredder download

At any point, to return to the main screen, simply click on the home button at the top-right corner of the interface. Another great aspect of Easy File Shredder is that it gives you foolproof warnings before you proceed with deleting data.


85% - Very Good

– Wipe Disk Completely

Wiping disk function removes all data from the disk including the partitions it consists of. It does that by overwriting the data with random or specific patterns of data multiple times. This makes it nearly impossible to recover data. You can use Easy File Shredder to wipe all data from your SSDs, HDDs, and USB thumb drives.

– Multiple Shredding Methods

Easy File Shredder offers you advanced algorithms to securely erase private data. All in all, Ease File Shredder offers 13 shredding methods to erase private data securely and completely. Here are some of the shredding methods used –

  • Bruce Schneier’s Algorithm – Data overwritten in 7 passes. The first 2 passes are zeroes and the rest are random characters.
  • German VSITR – Data overwritten in 7 passes. The first 6 passes are zeroes and the last pass overwrites data with random characters.
  • ITSG2006 – Shreds data in 3 passes
  • Peter Gutmann’s Algorithm- Data overwritten in 35 passes. Although a very secure way of shredding data, the process can take a while.
  • Random algorithm – Data is overwritten using random characters.
  • Russian GOST P50739-95 – Data overwritten in 2 passes. The first pass uses zeroes and the second uses random characters.
  • Zero Algorithm – Data is overwritten in one pass using zeros.

– Create Custom Shredding Methods

Apart from these 13 methods, you can also configure custom shredding methods where you can specify patterns, random sequences, and methods.

– Shred Deleted Files

Easy File Shredder is capable of shredding files that have already been deleted files from your hard drive. This process effectively removes traces of all previously deleted files, mitigating potential security risks. The file shredding utility uses DoD 5220.22-M and DoD 5220.22 shredding algorithms that ensure that the data is not recovered using any data recovery software.


80% - Good

Regular updates are released for Easy File Shredder to enhance user experience, address vulnerabilities, fix bugs, and, most importantly, roll out new features. With premium variants (yearly license) you can get unlimited updates throughout the year.


80% - Good

By downloading the Easy File Shredder’s free version you can shred up to 100 files using the trial version. However, if you want to shred more files, get Easy File Shredder on multiple computers, and get unlimited updates, the premium version is available for purchase.

Name of The Variant Price
1 Computer, includes unlimited updates for 1 year $49.95
3 Computers, includes unlimited updates for 1 year $99.95
5 Computers, includes unlimited updates for 1 year $179.95
10 Computers, includes unlimited updates for 1 year $249.95

Easy File Shredder regularly rolls out deals and discounts to get the software at a reasonable rate.


80% – Good


80% - Good

Easy File Shredder was able to completely wipe off a hard disk drive with nearly 250 GB worth of all kinds of data – documents, images,  audio files, videos, and various others. In our case, we used a Windows 11 (64-bit) Home PC with normal specs – 8 GB RAM,  Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-10110U CPU @ 2.10GHz   2.59 GHz processor.

We employed Peter Gutmann’s Algorithm method of shredding drive that overwrites data with 35 passes. It took nearly 7 hours to completely shred data.

Customer Support

90% - Excellent

Easy File Shredder goes the extra mile to assist its users at every step of the way. Initially, users can refer to the comprehensive user guide for guidance on using the software efficiently. If users encounter unresolved issues, they can easily raise a support ticket where they can describe their concerns in detail. Moreover, after raising a ticket, users have the convenience of checking the status of their ticket, ensuring transparency and timely resolution of their queries or problems.

Is Easy File Shredder The Ultimate Way To Securely Wipe Off Sensitive Data

In conclusion, Easy File Shredder stands out as one of the best ways to securely delete data, regardless of your intent. Unlike simply formatting drives, which leave data recoverable, Easy File Shredder employs advanced algorithms to overwrite files multiple times, rendering them irrecoverable even when using sophisticated data recovery tools.

Before using it, it is advisable to back up your data. With features like multiple shredding methods and custom configurations, Easy File Shredder ensures your sensitive information stays private. It’s a reliable tool to protect your digital privacy and ensure peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Easy file shredder safe?

Yes, Easy File Shredder is safe to use. It securely deletes files, making them nearly impossible to recover.

Q2. Does file shredder really work?

Yes, file shredder software works by overwriting files with random data, making them unrecoverable by standard methods.

Q3. How do I digitally shred files?

You can digitally shred files using file shredder software. Simply select the files, folders or drives that you want to delete. You can further select a shredding method and based on the file size and shredding method, the data will be erased.

Q4. What is Easy File Shredder?

Easy File Shredder is a software that securely deletes files from your computer, ensuring they can’t be recovered by others.

Q5. Where can I read reviews about Easy File Shredder?

You can read reviews about Easy File Shredder on various forums. For instance, you can check out Top10PCSoftware which regularly publishes reviews of software.

Q6. How does Easy File Shredder ensure files can’t be recovered?

Easy File Shredder shreds data in a way that it overwrites the data multiple times using random characters and patterns.  This process makes it incredibly challenging for data recovery tools to reconstruct the original file, ensuring your sensitive information remains private and secure.

Q7. Can Easy File Shredder be used for any type of file?

Yes, Easy File Shredder can be used to securely delete any type of file, including documents, photos, audio files, videos, and more.

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