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Advanced Uninstaller Pro

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Advanced Uninstaller PRO Review for Windows PC

Normal uninstallation often leaves residues and thereby fills up storage space. What you need here is a tool that can remove the program completely in a way that there are no leftover files, registries, etc. Here we are going to review Advanced Uninstaller Pro which is one such tool that can help you uninstall programs completely.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Starts from$ 29.00 per year
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Why would you need a utility like Advanced Uninstaller Pro when you have a Control Panel from where you can uninstall applications?

Sure, your Windows operating system opens you to a world of great applications. From media players, photo viewers, browsers, and editing tools, there is just no end to programs that you can have onboard. However, at some point in time, you might have to bid goodbye to some since you may not need all of these programs. Also, there are times when some applications notoriously install bundleware or adware on your PC, thereby stuffing up your storage.

When you uninstall an application using Windows Control Panel, it often leaves residual files or debris of old programs. Worst! If the program you uninstalled was malware, its residual files can still cause your PC more harm than you can imagine. Your first line of defense should always be an Antivirus tool that would stop the malicious threat from spreading.

Enter your second line of defense, an uninstallation utility like Advaxnced Uninstaller Pro that can help you remove applications in totality. This means with an uninstaller, you can rest assured that no remnants of the uninstalled program will be left behind.  You can also check out some of the other best uninstaller utilities.

  • Uninstall multiple programs and monitor installation.
  • The tool helps you get rid of all kinds of temporary files – Windows temporary files as well as browser temporary files.
  • Tools for cleaning, optimizing, and backing up registry.
  • Additional tools like file shredder, duplicate file cleaner, live file compressor, etc.
  • Fix common issues with “Daily Health Check”.

  • Before uninstalling the application you can’t create a restore point.
  • Takes time to uninstall the program completely.

How To Uninstall Programs With Advanced Uninstaller PRO?

Step 1: Download Advanced Uninstaller PRO and run the installation file.

Step 2: Click on General Tools from the left.

Step 3: Click on Uninstall Programs from the subsequent options.

advanced uninstaller pro

Step 4: Select applications that you want to uninstall completely. You will also be able to see the icons of the programs you are uninstalling.

advanced uninstaller pro 13

Step 5: Click on the Uninstall button.

Step 6: Click on Yes.

advanced uninstaller pro 13


80% - Good

Advanced Uninstaller Pro has a big interface with three columns. The first column has four major functions namely – the General Tools, the File and Registry Tools, the Internet Temporary Files, and the Daily Health Check. When you click on each of these functions the subsequent options appear in the second column. For example, when you click on the General Tools, the options pertaining to it i.e. Uninstall Programs, Monitored Installations, Startup Manager, Services Manager, and Start Menu Cleaner will appear on the right in the second column.

advanced uninstaller pro 13

One of the upsides of Advanced Uninstaller Pro’s interface is that you can hover your mouse on each of the options and know what the option is meant to do. This can especially be beneficial if you are a beginner.

advanced uninstaller pro portable

When you click on each of the options, a new window opens which further enlists the items on which you can take action. Take, for instance, Uninstall Programs under General Tools. Once you click on Uninstall Program, a new window will pop up where all the applications installed on your PC will be enlisted. You can select the application that you want to uninstall and click on the red colored “Uninstall” button.

The downside of the interface is that there are no maximize, minimize, or back buttons. Whether it is the home interface or the windows that appear when you click on subsequent options, they only have a “Close” button.


85% - Very Good

1. Uninstall Programs and Monitor Installation

advanced uninstaller pro full

Advanced Uninstaller Pro lets you uninstall programs completely with no leftovers. This means once the programs are uninstalled there are no history trails or any registry entries related to that program.

Furthermore, Advanced Uninstaller Pro 13 also lets you create a log of program installation. It creates detailed information about what was included in the installation – the files, registries, and other items. This way once the program is uninstalled the installation monitor makes sure that all such items are deleted.

2. Startup and Services Manager

Unwanted startup items and services are often the reason for your computer’s slow bootup time and performance. Advanced Uninstaller Pro lets you choose the applications that you want to run at the startup and it also lets you take control over applications that run in the background. You can either disable them or apply service profiles.

3. Various File Management Tools

Advanced Uninstaller Pro isn’t just an uninstaller, it also has tools in place with which you can manage your files. For instance, it lets you find and delete duplicate files that fill up your computer’s storage space and hamper your productivity.

Next, you can use the “Live File Compression” feature to compress or uncompress files as needed. The advantage of this feature is that it stores files in a compressed state and hence preserves disk space.

4. Shred Files

advanced uninstaller pro full

When you download Advanced Uninstaller Pro, you can permanently shred files in a way that no file recovery software or forensic tools can recover them. It overwrites the items you have selected multiple times using random data. You can shred files, folders, complete drives, or even free spaces.

5. Registry Cleaner, Optimizer, and Backup

advanced uninstaller pro 13

Registry items in Windows are critical and hard to deal with. Advanced Uninstaller Pro offers a variety of registry tools with which this task can become streamlined. The “Registry Cleaner” looks for corrupted or incorrect registries and helps you analyze and fix them, something that can help you overcome a variety of registry errors or even fix applications that are behaving strangely or are not starting up.

The “Registry Optimizer” within Advanced Uninstaller Pro renders a new, defragmented registry where no previous registries are missing.  As a prudent tool, it even lets you create a backup of registries that you can restore in case of failure.

6. Cleanup Temporary Files

Advanced Uninstaller Pro Review

Advanced Uninstaller Pro lets you tackle two kinds of temporary files – The Windows temporary files and those that are created by various browsers on your computers. These are the files that are left behind by various programs or browsers while you browse the web. These files occupy a lot of disk space and are responsible for slowing down your PC as well. Moreover, the problem with temporary internet files is that somebody working on your computer can see exactly what sites you have visited.

In either case, Advanced Uninstaller Pro identifies all such files and tells how much space is occupied by these files.

7. Daily Health Check

advanced uninstaller pro 13

By downloading the full version of Advanced Uninstaller Pro you can monitor your PC’s health status and perform maintenance tasks as and when they come up. You can schedule the “Daily Health check” at your desired time daily. Here are the kind of items that Advanced Uninstaller Pro fixes with “Daily Health Check” –

  • Virus in applications launched automatically by Windows at the startup. For this, it uses a powerful cloud scanning system.
  • Keep tabs on applications that run at startup. It enlists those that you don’t really need.
  • Deep scan into the application’s installation folder to get rid of leftovers regardless of the extension.
  • Regular cleanup of Recycle Bin.
  • Regular cleanup of old Windows Restore Points.
  • Temporary files left behind by browsers on your PC.
  • Windows temporary files that take up disk space.


80% - Good

New features are released regularly via updates. Through these updates, developers ensure that the software remains bug free and user experience is enhanced. To fetch any new updates released in the tool –

1. Click on Settings from the farthest right.

advanced uninstaller pro

2. Under General, click on Check for updates.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro Review


75% - Fair

For the most part, the uninstallation utility is free. However, the Daily Health Checkup module is available free for 30 days. In case you want to continue using it post 30 days, you will have to sign up for a premium plan. The screenshot of the breakdown of premium plans is given below. You can also see what you can expect from the premium plans –

advanced uninstaller pro portable


80% - Good

When it comes to uninstalling programs completely or performing other tasks, Advanced Uninstaller Pro did a fair job. Although, if we compare it with some of the other competitors like IObit Uninstaller Pro or Advanced System Optimizer, it took a little longer to uninstall the files. But, otherwise, it was able to free up a considerable amount of storage space by removing applications completely.

Customer Support

85% - Very Good

In case you have any queries regarding Advanced Uninstaller Pro, you can specify your issues in the form on the “Contact” page. The customer support team is prompt enough and replies back in 2 business days.

advanced uninstaller pro full

Once you have filled the form you will be assigned a ticket number. In case you already have a ticket, you can head to this page and check the status if your complaint by furnishing your ticket number.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro Review

How Good Is Advanced Uninstaller PRO At Uninstalling Programs?

All in all Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a decent and intuitive utility with which not only you can uninstall applications completely but even manage files and optimize PCs. Yes, it has a few downsides but that aside this tool is worth giving a try. If you have used the program, do share your experience in the comments section below. For more such tech-related content, software listicles and reviews, keep reading Top10PCSoftware blogs. You can also find us on Facebook, Flipboard and Pinterest.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. Is Advanced Uninstaller Pro free?

For the most part, yes, Advanced Uninstaller PRO is free. Though the “Daily Health Check” module is free only for 30 days after which you will have to sign up for a premium variant, if you wish to continue using it.

Q2. How do I uninstall Advanced Uninstaller Pro 13?

You can uninstall Advanced Uninstaller PRO 10, using the Control Panel. In case you suspect that it will leave remnants, you can try out some of the other uninstaller utilities that we have mentioned as alternatives to Advanced Uninstaller PRO 13.

Q3. How does advanced uninstaller pro work?

After you have installed Advanced Uninstaller Pro, click on General Tools and click on Uninstall Programs. In the next window, select the applications that you want to uninstall and then click on the red colored Uninstall button.

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