Must-Have Windows 11/10 Apps To Get The Most Out Of Your PC (2024)

Best Software for Windows

Made the switch to the Windows operating system? Welcome aboard! If you are wondering which software to have on your Windows computer to enhance your productivity or keep yourself engaged, we are here to help. Here’s a list of some highly recommended programs that you should consider installing on your PC.

Top Software Reviews Rating
1.Advanced System Optimizer
2.T9 Antivirus
3.Google Chrome
4.Duplicate Files Fixer
6.Systweak PDF Editor
7.Adobe Photoshop
8.Advanced Driver Updater
9.Advanced Disk Recovery
10.VLC Media PLayer

Consider your newly set up Windows PC as a blank canvas with limitless possibilities.  Installing some of the best applications unlocks the full potential of your computer in various ways These programs play a vital role in enhancing your computing experience, ensuring your system performs at its best, regardless of the situation. Some software can fulfill your gaming desires and even help you record excellent moments from your gameplay that you’d like to boast of in the future.

In this post, we have curated a list of some of the must-have Windows apps that will fulfill a variety of your productivity needs. Whether you’re looking to streamline your workflow, enhance multimedia experiences, or bolster security measures, these applications cover a spectrum of functionalities to optimize your Windows experience.

Please note: While these are some of the best software for Windows 11/10, this is not an all-inclusive list. You may have your preferences and choices and we’d be happy if you share those with us in the comments section below. 

Software You Must Have On Your Windows 11/10 Computer

  • 1
    • Clean and optimize Windows PC
    • Removal of privacy traces
    • Fix common computer issues
    • Clean and optimize registry
    • Update drivers
    • Get rid of malware and privacy traces
  • $49.95 / year
  • 2
    • Advanced Protection modes
    • Performance Optimization
    • Manages startup programs
    • USB protection for PC
  • $39.95 / year
  • 3
    • Sync bookmarks and history across devices.
    • Large number of extensions can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store.
    • Incognito mode for private browsing.
    • Translate web pages easily.
  • FreeDownload Here
  • 4
    • Fast scanning speed
    • Add folder or drag and drop files
    • Delete Empty Folders
    • Scan Cloud Storage
    • Preview files before deleting them
    • Smart Mobile Scan
  • $39.95 / year
  • 5
    • Keep track of the version history of files transferred.
    • Sync files across devices.
    • Collaborate with others by sharing folders.
    • Secure shared links with password protection.
  • $11.99 / month Download Here
  • 6
    • Edit text and images in PDF documents.
    • Combine PDF files.
    • Convert PDF files to various formats and vice versa.
    • Protect PDFs with a password.
  • $69.95 / year
  • 7
    • Resizes images while preserving the details.
    • Transforms pictures artistically.
    • Allow users to work on multiple layers
  • $20.99 / month Download Here
  • 8
    • Free scan and download
    • Schedule Scan
    • Restore & backup
  • $39.95 / year
  • 9
    • Advanced filters for scan
    • Compatible with older versions of Windows
    • Supports multiple file formats
    • USB, memory card, HDD supported
  • $39.95 / year
  • 10
    • Open source and free.
    • Fast hardware encoding.
    • Most codecs are playable.
    • Video converter available.
  • FreeDownload Here

1. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer_Smart PC Care

A PC cleaner and optimization tool like Advanced System Optimizer is a must-have tool for your Windows computer. That’s because, with your day-to-day work, you’ll hardly have time to bump heads with common issues, track storage space, or look for security potholes. Advanced System Optimizer will take that stress off your head in no time at all.

Notable Features 

  • Disk optimizer. 
  • Look for common issues with one click. 
  • Dedicated game optimizer. 
  • It comes with a registry optimizer.
  • Disk cleaner.

  • Create a system restore point. 
  • Backup system files. 
  • Recover accidentally deleted files. 
  • Security and privacy protection modules.

  • A free trial is available only for 24 hours. 

Pricing – 24 hour free trial. Pricing starts at $69.95. For a limited time, you can avail a discount of $20 and purchase Advanced System Optimizer for $49.95.

2. T9 Antivirus

T9 Antivirus

An Antivirus is an application that you must have on your Windows PC. It protects your machine from malicious threats from taking your files and folders under their clutches. T9 Antivirus is regarded as one of the best lightweight Antivirus for Windows PCs. Not only does it protect the data inside your computer but also plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your privacy as well. 

Notable Features

  • Multiple scan modes – Quick, Deep, and Custom. 
  • Real-time protection against all kinds of threats.
  • Web protection that stops you from visiting harmful websites.
  • Protection against zero-day vulnerabilities. 
  • Startup Manager removes malicious apps from the startup. 

  • Lightweight Antivirus.
  • The Malware database is updated regularly.
  • Quarantines suspected threats.
  • You can schedule Antivirus scans at your desired time.

  • Limited features in the free trial.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $39.95/ year

3. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

You’ll probably be spending a considerable amount of time browsing the Internet, visiting websites, streaming videos, and playing online games, a fast and robust feature-rich browser like Google Chrome is the need of the hour. And, rightfully,  it deserves a spot on the list of essential applications for Windows 11/10 computers.

Notable Features

  • Comes with a password manager. 
  • Connect Chrome directly to a smart TV. 
  • Inbuilt translation service. 
  • Manage video playback from within the browser. 
  • Voice search. 

  • Ability to create multiple profiles.
  • Create and manage bookmarks.
  • Based on stable Linux Kernel.
  • Supports a large number of extensions.

  • Resource intensive.

Pricing – Free

Download Here

4. Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer is yet another software for Windows, that we swear by. The reason is that most of us regularly, download files, create versions of the work files, and copy and paste data. This leads to the accumulation of duplicate files that create a lot of confusion, not to mention the storage space they hog on. Duplicate Files Fixer helps safely remove such redundant files. 

Notable Features 

  • Auto mark functionality to find duplicates safely. 
  • Scan cloud storage mediums like Dropbox and Google Drive for duplicate files. 
  • Change selection assistant priorities.
  • Find all kinds of duplicate files – audio, video files, documents, images, and more.
  • Preview files before deleting them. 

  • Drag and drop files and folders to find duplicate files.
  • Ability to remove both exact and similar duplicates. 
  • You can also external devices for duplicates. 
  • Support for a variety of file formats.

  • The free version restricts you to removing 15 files.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $69.95. For a limited period, you can avail a discount of $30 and get Duplicate Files Fixer for $39.95.

5. Dropbox


With a cloud storage medium like Dropbox, you can easily compartmentalize your storage space. Plus, you can collaborate with other users and work together on files. Dropbox can also be added on as a great tool with which you can create a backup of your data. For all these reasons, Dropbox is a must-have Windows software. 

Notable Features 

  • Sync files across various devices. 
  • Share folders and collaborate with other users easily. 
  • Keep track of file version history. 
  • You can request files from someone who doesn’t have a Dropbox account. 
  • Secure links that you share with a password.

  • Add permission when collaborating. 
  • Preview files before downloading. 
  • Integrate various third-party apps. 
  • Work with files even when there is no active connection. 

  • Search functionality could have been better.

Pricing – With the free variant, you get 2 GB of storage. Pricing starts at $11.99/ month.

Download Here

6. Systweak PDF Editor

Systweak PDF Editor

A PDF editing tool like Systweak PDF Editor is essential for Windows PCs as it allows seamless editing, annotation, and organization of PDF documents. With this software, users can edit text, insert images, and manage PDF documents effortlessly. This PDF editing tool facilitates analyzing PDF documents in the best way possible.

Notable Features 

  • Edit PDF documents
  • Annotate PDF documents using various elements. 
  • Merge various PDF documents into one single PDF document.
  • Digitally sign PDF documents.
  • OCR functionality to make the text in handwritten documents searchable and selectable.

  • Split one PDF document into multiple PDF documents. 
  • Search and redact confidential or redundant sections in a PDF document. 
  • Convert various document formats to PDF and vice versa. 
  • Compress large PDF documents. 

  • OCR functionality lags sometimes.

Pricing – Free 7-day fully functional trial available. Pricing starts at $69.95.

7. Adobe Photoshop

best free graphic design software

Adobe Photoshop is a must-have application for all Windows users who want their creative juices to flow freely. In the world of graphic designing and image editing, Adobe Photoshop is a force to be reckoned with. It comes loaded with an ocean of features and the output quality is supreme. We do agree that it might take you some time to learn the ropes but once you have done that, you’ll fall in love with image editing for sure.  

Notable Features 

  • Several effects and filters. 
  • Layer-based non-destructive editing. 
  • Professional grade photo manipulation and retouching tools.
  • Various customizable brushes and fonts. 
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • Frequent updates ensure the delivery of the latest features. 
  • Can easily fulfill complex design needs. 
  • Availability of several plugins. 
  • Availability of neural filters and 3D tools.

  • The premium version can be expensive. 
  •  Beginners can find a steep learning curve.

Pricing – You can enjoy a 7-day free trial. Pricing starts at US$ 22.99/ month.

Download Here

8. Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater

Rightly named, Advanced Driver Updater helps update outdated device drivers on your computer. Let’s say you are facing issues with network, audio, or graphics and none of the troubleshooting steps are working. In such a case, Advanced Driver Updater can prompt you about any outdated drivers related to these devices. 

Notable Features 

  • Update multiple drivers at once.
  • Backup drivers. 
  • Restore backed-up drivers if need be. 
  • Exclude driver from scans.
  • See information about the latest version of drivers.

  • Track and update your drivers efficiently.
  • The tool shows you system information at the bottom of the interface. 
  • Schedule driver scans on your desired date, time, and frequency.
  • Manage driver backup from the interface.

  • The trial version restricts you to updating individual drivers at a time.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $69.95

9. Advanced Disk Recovery


Let’s assume while juggling with tasks, or more specifically when sorting files, you accidentally hit Shift+ Delete on some folders. You later realize that these were important. Worry not! Advanced Disk Recovery is a tool that backs you in the event you have accidentally deleted some important data from your computer permanently.

Notable Features 

  • Recover all kinds of files. 
  • Two modes of scan – Deep and Custom Scan ensure that you recover data from all possible locations on your computer. 
  • Recover data from external hard drives. 
  • Preview files before recovering them.

  • Various filters to recover specific kinds of files. 
  • Customize the display of scan results. 
  • Auto-update feature.

  • Limited data recovery in the free version. 

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $69.95

10. VLC Media Player

best video compressor without losing quality

Last but not least, we recommend installing a media player like VLC Media Player that lets you stream video and audio files regardless of the source and format. One of the best aspects of this media player is that it is free of cost and has been around for some time now. You can use it as a substitute for your native Windows media player as well.  

Notable Features 

  • Support for a variety of audio and video filters. 
  • Seamless subtitle synchronization. 
  • Support for various plugins.
  • Customizable skins.

  • Open source and free media player. 
  • Comes with support for various codecs. 
  • Fast hardware encoding. 

  • Lacks video editing capabilities. 

Pricing – Free and open source

Download Here

What Windows Software Do You Recommend?

Windows 11/10 PC offers a world of great opportunities  and, applications can be your best companion to enhance your experience. . That being said when you download applications like Advanced System Optimizer or T9 Antivirus, it indicates how prudent you are and how much you care for your PC. 

As a Windows user, what applications do you recommend to others and why?? We’d also like you to tell us briefly why you trust software. by Do let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Best Software for Windows in 2024?

The choice for the best software for Windows depends on your personal preferences. Here we have enlisted some of the best and must have software that will help both increase productivity as well as fulfill other goals as well. 

Q3. Which Must-Have Windows Software Should Everyone Install?

Software like PC Cleaners and optimizers such as Advanced System Optimizer and Antivirus such as T9 Antivirus are some of the kind of applications that users should install on their Windows 11/10 computer. 

Q3. What are the Must-Have Applications for PC Gamers?

Again the choice of software may differ from one PC gamer to another. In our opinion software like screen recording tools, PC optimizers, Antivirus, etc are the kind of applications that a gamer should have on their computer.  

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