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NordVPN Review: Is It Worth To Buy for Netflix?

If you have been looking for a free VPN for Netflix, we recommend you look at NordVPN. But if you ask how secure NordVPN is, we suggest you read this blog. This NordVPN review blog covers the VPN service offered to a Windows PC

What is Nord VPN?

nord vpn

NordVPN is among the most popular names for VPN or Virtual Private Network services and can be used for free on PCs. NordVPN also offers its services for Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and Android TV, but those aren’t free. With a security protocol & malware defender, it has an excellent reputation as the leading VPN service.

It is the best free VPN for PC for streaming Netflix and other OTT services. You can use this service if you are particularly interested in playing videos on Netflix from different parts of the world. NordVPN allows you to connect to the US servers, and you can access the content available on Netflix US with your account.

It works on 5577 servers in 59 countries, giving you many choices. The obfuscated servers give you an extra protective layer for hiding your actual location. It also works with Tor to layer up the security for its users with an onion router. NordVPN account allows you to use the VPN services on up to 6 devices with your registered account. It also gives you an extra security layer with a multi-factor authentication with login. The Advanced safety features such as Dark Web Monitor, Threat Protection, and Split Tunneling make it safe.


  • Kill switch.
  • 6 devices with one account
  • Multi-layered security for your internet connection
  • Auto-connects to the fastest VPN servers for your device.
  • Works with all major streaming services.
  • Internet speed is not compromised.
  • 5700+ servers in 59 countries.
  • Budget friendly yearly pricing plans


  • One account can be used on a limited number of devices. 
  • Setting OpenVPN is not easy

Reasons To Choose NordVPN –

Apart from the free VPN software, it possesses more such qualities, which makes it a good choice for those who want a VPN for Windows PC. We have stated the best reasons to choose it, which primarily affects NordVPN ratings and puts it at the top of the chart. 

  • Uninterrupted streaming.
  • Internet Kill Switch.
  • Informs about credentials leak.
  • Works with Split Tunneling.
  • Allows connecting to custom DNS.
  • Quick Connect for instant connection.
  • Auto-connect when the computer boots up.
  • Allows Remote Desktop connection.
  • Fast-speed connection.
  • Hides your IP address.
  • Stop ads and online tracking.
  • Protects from malicious downloads.
  • Warns about malicious websites.
  • Safe login with Multi-factor authentication.
  • One account works with six devices.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.

Technical Specifications-

  • Current Version-
  • File Size – 1.71 MB
  • Operating System – Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (version 1607 or later), and Windows 11
  • Processor- 400MHz or higher
  • RAM- 256 MB or more
  • Disk Storage space- 2MB

How To Use NordVPN?

Step 1: To begin with NordVPN, click on the download button given below 

Step 2: Run the setup downloaded on your computer and follow the instructions to initiate the installation. 

nord vpn setup location

Step 3: Once the installation is done, you can launch NordVPN. The next window will ask you to log in to your account. Make sure you enter your registered email address and password or create a new account if you are not registered. 

login to your account of nordvpn

Step 4: After you log in to your account, your app will show you the home screen. Click on the Quick Connect button in the map’s bottom-right corner. 

Quick Connect with nordvpn

Although one can also select any country name from the left side list if a particular service or streaming channel is available.

Step 5: Immediately after you click the button, the NordVPN app on your Windows will connect you to a safe and fast VPN server. 

NordVPN app fast server

Although one can also select any country names from the left side list if a particular service or streaming channel is available.

Step 5: Now, you can restart your web browser or any application using the VPN service to be connected to NordVPN.

Step 6: Check the Settings to ensure the Kill Switch is turned on. Similarly, other features such as Threat Protection, Split tunneling, and Auto-connect can be enabled by turning the toggle switch on. Make changes in the application as per your requirement. 

Step 7: Click on the Disconnect button whenever you are no longer in need of the NordVPN service.


85% - Good

NordVPN app fast server

NordVPN has a simple-to-understand user interface, which is appreciated as it lands you on a right-sized window with the world map to show you different servers worldwide. You can see the Quick Connect button right away on the right side on the bottom and use it to connect to VPN right away. Meanwhile, the left side will give you options to connect to a particular country server using the names in the list.


95% - Excellent

1. Kill Switch 

Kill Switch

The most important feature on NordVPN is the Kill Switch. This can be enabled to keep your device safe from unprotected connections. It comes to help when you lose the VPN connection for any reason. NordVPN Kill switch will immediately cut off the internet connection without exposing your location to the ISP servers. It also comes with an App Kill Switch, which can include a list of crucial apps on your Windows PC.

2. Auto Connect 

Auto Connect

With NordVPN, you can automatically connect to the VPN when you start your computer. For the fastest VPN review, NordVPN is a delight to those who want an instant connection on boot up. All you need to do is Turn on the Auto-connect option from the Settings.

3. Split Tunneling 

Split Tunneling

The Split Tunneling feature on NordVPN allows you to connect to a specific set of applications to use VPN. You can choose to add applications from your PC to the list and enable or disable VPN for them as it redirects a portion of the internet traffic through NordVPN servers.

4. Threat Protection

Threat Protection

Threat Protection is the newest addition to the NordVPN features. It rescues you from unwanted adware, spyware, and malware online. Please enable it to protect your data from digital trackers, malicious downloads, and webpages. This is an additional layer of protection from your web browsing threats.

It can also perform deep scan executable files within 30 MB, although it does not scan personal documents. Moreover, it works even if the VPN connection is turned off.

5. Dark Web Monitor

Dark Web Monitor

It will help you warn about any leaks related to your credentials using the email address provided on NordVPN. If, in any case, your information is exposed online on the dark web, you will be informed and can change the password on time.

6. Works on multiple devices

Works on multiple devices

You can use NordVPN on up to 6 devices with one account. Easily send a web link to your devices to directly get it and log in to your NordVPN account. Or get the NordVPN app from Android, iOS, and extensions for Chrome and Firefox. This can easily be used as a family VPN service to help you secure more devices at the cost of one account.

7. Meshnet


Meshnet is another new addition to the NordVPN features. It lets you access the private tunnels in an encrypted connection. It is an excellent means to connect to other devices rather than a VPN server, and the traffic is also encrypted. This helps with LAN gaming, file sharing, and remote device collaborations.

8. Advanced Settings 

Advanced Settings

The features, including remote access, Custom DNS, and invisibility to LAN, can be found in the Advanced Settings on the NordVPN app. It can be used to enable remote desktop applications while connected to VPN. Also, the Custom DNS can assign specific DNS servers related to a service such as Netflix. Invisibility on LAN will hide you from your local network while connected to VPN.


90% - Very Good

NordVPN comes up with regular updates and, being a reliable service, will send you timely notifications for the same. Whenever you launch the application on your computer, you will be reminded to Check for Updates, which lets you keep updated on the latest NordVPN features.


85% - Very Good

price of nord vpn

The pricing plan for NordVPN keeps open for heavy discounts; one should keep a watch for availing of such offers.

Currently, NordVPN basic plan is available for $58.88, which does not include the taxes for a 1-year program. It will be available on up to 6 devices when you log in and connect, making the price seem favorable. You can also choose VPN Plus and VPN Ultimate plans for additional services such as Password management, cloud storage, and data scanner. It also comes with a monthly plan for $11.99 for short-term users.

Users interested in a long-term plan can also avail of the services for a 2-year plan at a much lower cost. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which might interest you if you are here to experiment with the VPN services to find the best for you. Overall NordVPN price is justified with the NordVPN features.

  • 1 PC, Limited features
  • 6 devices , one year free updates, Fully featured
NordVPN Plus
  • 6 devices , one year free updates, Fully featured
NordVPN Ultimate
  • 6 devices , one year free updates, Fully featured


90% - Very Good

NordVPN speed is worth mentioning as a plus point in getting this service for your computers. While working on a  Windows 10 (64-bit) operating system, we did not find any lags when connected to NordVPN. It does not seem to slow down the computer speed or show adverse effects on the internet connection speed. We want to mention that Quick connect is a time-saving NordVPN feature.

It quickly connects you to a random server without affecting your computer’s working efficiency. With over 5400 NordVPN servers, you can expect a speedy connection and transition.

Customer Support

90% - Excellent

customer support NordVPN

Concerning customer support, NordVPN is the best free VPN for Windows, as NordVPN customer support comes with a full-fledged guide for installation and use. You can also get other information quickly on the official website with the Help page.

Information regarding Billing, Connectivity, Common inquiries, FAQs, and more can be found here. A Live Chat option is available for the users who can guide you furthermore in the help section. You can also reach them through the Help Center under the Settings page.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. Is NordVPN Safe?

Yes, as long as you download from an authentic website, this free VPN software is safe. NordVPN features include the much required security measures for its users and can be trusted by it.

Q2. Is NordVPN worth it?

Yes, NordVPN has been one of the leading names among the top-rated VPN service. You can try it out for the features such as 5400+ NordVPN servers, Quick Connect, Kill Switch, and Adblocker, malware protection, and anti-tracking.

Q3. Is NordVPN trustworthy?

Yes, NordVPN is one of the top-rated VPN services, and you can trust it for usage on your devices. You can also try out the free version with the 30 days money-back guarantee. NordVPN’s speed and vast features have a user base of up to 14 million.

Q4. Does NordVPN sell your data?

No, NordVPN follows the no-logs policy to make the users feel safe and secure while using the VPN service on their devices. NordVPN works under the jurisdiction of Panama, which strictly enforces no data retention laws.

Q5. How much does NordVPN cost?

NordVPN costs $59.88 for the basic VPN plan for a yearly plan which covers the high-speed VPN along with the Tracker and Malware protection. Also, it has great plans for a 2year subscription which gives you additional three months for free at the cost of $83.43(discounted rate).

Verdict –

Now, you can find out if NordVPN is reliable or not by using the money-back plan on your Windows PC.

Moreover, it can be a free VPN for Netflix and uninterrupted access on a PC. However, NordVPN privacy is a good feature for any user, and it also allows you to use multiple devices on one account; there is a restriction. It can only be used on up to six devices, but as per today’s norm, it is common to have more than two devices for each person. So, if you are looking for something which gives you more benefits, we suggest you check out Systweak VPN for unlimited device connectivity.

The final verdict for NordVPN is that it comes with many features, including threat protection. A large number of NordVPN servers helps you get a vast network, and connectivity does not affect NordVPN speed. Therefore, if you are looking for an encrypted VPN with many features, go for it.

We look forward to your comments to know more about your opinion on this blog post. Also, if you liked this, we recommend you check out the best PC Cleaners to free the storage space on your PC. For more such reviews on Windows software, keep visiting Top10PCSoftware. Also, follow us on social media platforms for the latest updates for Windows software. We are on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Flipboard.

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