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Nitro Pro Review: Pricing, Features & Alternatives [2024]

For viewing documents, PDF is considered a reliable file format especially when you intend to share the PDF with others. To open, view, edit and perform other tasks, you will need a dedicated tool. Nitro PDF reader is one of the most popular PDF and eSignature solutions available. Read the Nitro Pro Enterprise review where we will discuss its features and how it can help you view and edit PDF documents with utmost ease and efficiency.

Nitro Pro

Starts from$ 149.99 per year
Free Trial

What Is Nitro Pro And Do I Need It?

Nitro Pro is a professional PDf creator and editor which comes packed with various features. With the Nitro Pro’s latest version, apart from viewing and creating PDF documents, you can also combine, annotate, edit and perform many other things on your PDF documents. Nitro Pro was earlier known as Nitro PDF professional.

Whether you need a PDF editor for professional or personal use, Nitro Pro can be a perfect tool. It even helps you edit a variety of components of your PDF such as text, graphics, vectors etc. And, with the help of nitro PDF converter for PC, you can also convert your PDF into a variety of file formats and vice versa. Needless to say, Nitro Pro PDF editor can prove to be an exceptional tool that can enhance your productivity in your day-to-day tasks. In case you are looking for Nitro Pro alternative, you can consider using Adobe Acrobat DC.

Why Choose Nitro Pro?

Wondering why opt for Nitro Pro over several of its counterparts as your go-to PDF application? Here are some reasons why you should definitely give Nitro Pro a try –

  • Easy to use attractive interface
  • Btach processing capabilities
  • Nitro Pro donnes the hat of PDF creator, editor, converter, form builder and filler, annotator and many other
  • Scan and OCR PDF files
  • Gives you complete control on PDF security and protection
  • You can easily combine documents of a variety of file formats into one PDF
  • A cheaper option as compared to many of its counterparts

In the next section of this review we’ll discuss how you can install Nitro PDF software, what are its various features, and, its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Add/ Remove Pages
  • Compress PDF
  • Merge PDF
  • Split PDF


  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to HTML
  • PDF to JPEG
  • PDF to Powerpoint
  • PDF to Word


  • Add password
  • PDF to PDF/ A
  • Remove password
  • Sign/ Get Sign


  • Add page numbers
  • Add Watermark
  • Batch Editing
  • Edit PDF
  • Repair Corrupt PDF

Product Version –

  • Current Version –

Technical Specifications –

  • Operating System – Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Processor – 1.5 GHz or faster processor
  • RAM – 1 GB
  • Available Hard Disk Space Required – 4.5 GB
  • Download Size – 1.45 MB
  • Size when the package is installed –  998 MB

How To Install Nitro Pro?

Here are the steps to install Nitro Pro on your Windows computer –

Step 1: Click on the download button given below and download Nitro Pro on your computer –

Nitro Pro

Starts from$ 149.99 per year
Free Trial

Step 2: Double-click on the Nitro Pro .exe file that you will find in your downloads folder.

Step 3: Select your preferred language and the location where you want to save Nitro Pro. Once selected, click on the Install button.

installation of nitro pro

Step 4: When the UAC prompt occurs, click on Yes

Step 5: while the package is getting installed you can check out the ways in which Nitro Pro can enhance your productivity

installation process of nitro pro

Step 6: Once the package is installed, click on Launch Nitro

launch nitro pro

How To Use Nitro Pro

Here comes the next part where we will see Nitro PDF Pro in action.

1. After you have installed Nitro Pro, there are multiple ways you can open a PDF document and start working on it. You can directly drag and drop a PDF document from your desired location, or you can click on File > Open  and then open a document.

open document in nitro pro

2. Want to create a PDF from scratch? You can click on Create PDF From File and then create a PDF from the starting by choosing multiple files.

Create PDF From File in nitro pro

3. Let’s say you are working on an existing document and want to edit it. In this case, click on Home from the top ribbon

4. Next, click on the Edit tool that you can see at the top left.

edit tool for pdf

5. Select the Text that you want to edit

6. Once done, click on Finish

edit finish in nitro pro


85% - Very Good

Nitro PDF pro exhibits a very clean interface that you shouldn’t find hard to get accustomed to. And, especially if you are a regular Microsoft user, the interface will feel familiar. It has a ribbon-style UI that puts all the various features right in front of your eyes, and, you, therefore, know exactly what a feature is meant for. Options to open and save documents are clearly defined. Once, you click on the Open option from the left-hand pane and further open a PDF file to work on, in the next Window, you can see options to perform a variety of tasks that you can perform.

interface of nitro

You can also choose a task and then open a file accordingly as and when the application opens

choose task to edit pdf


90% - Excellent

It’s the features of Nitro Pro PDF editor and creator which make it one of the most desirable PDF applications. Here are some of the features that the latest version of Nitro Pro packs inside –

1. PDF Creator

You can create PDFs from the scratch, throw in documents of a variety of file formats and change them to one single PDF.  You can even change their order, add/ remove pages and do a lot of other things. The best part here is that you can save yourself the headache that occurs when you have to sit down and format the pages while creating a PDF.

PDF Creator in nitro

2. Facility to Quickly Sign and Fill Forms

Whether it is signing a document or getting a document signed, Nitro PDF Pro makes it easy. Plus, Nitro Pro lets you create professional and engaging forms. You can easily add fields, drag and drop text boxes and get complete freedom as far as formatting the form is concerned.  

Facility to Quickly Sign and Fill Forms

3. PDF Editor

With Nitro Pro PDF you can edit PDF anywhich way you want. You have complete control on what you want to keep in the PDF document and what you want to remove. Here you can add, edit or remove text in your PDF document. Not just that you have tons of fonts, font sizes, colors and styles to choose from.

Nitro Pro PDF Editor

4. Protection and Security

With Nitro Pro you can protect the documents which are essential for your business. And, you needn’t block your business’s workflow while you are protecting your documents. Nitro Pro offers intuitive user permissions, redaction, and encryption capabilities. You can rest assured that your PDFs are secured with 256-bit AES protection and you can even opt for a higher-level of the security certificate.


80% - Good

Nitro Pro PDF creator and editor regularly fetch new updates. And, normally, you’ll be notified as soon as an upgrade is available. However, to manually fetch an upgrade, you may have to go through a slightly elaborated process. For this –

1. Open a document and select Help from the top-right.

Nitro Pro PDF updates

2. Click on Contact Support and then click on Upgrade.

3. Enter your serial number and click on the Get Upgrade button

Get Upgrade for nitro pro


80% - Good
nitro pricing

Nitro Pro comes in four variants for Windows PC which includes the free variant as well. You can get the free trial for 14 days. During this period you can enjoy all its benefits by simply signing up and getting started. As for paid variants, if you are a single user, you can choose the Package Discounts variant whose one-time license is available for US$ 143.99 per user. But, let’s say you have a team, you can then opt for 3 licenses only with one free, or, 8 licenses online with two free that at the time of writing this post are priced at US$ 539.97 and US$ 1367.92.

Nitro Pro Free
Nitro Pro
  • Package Discounts
Nitro Pro
  • 3 licenses + 1 free
Nitro Pro
  • 8 licenses + 2 free


85% - Very Good

Nitro Pro offers a decent speed vide all its functions. You can create a PDF document from the scratch, convert several PDF documents to the desired format, edit PDFs, or fill multiple forms with ease without having to wait!

Customer Support

75% - Good

When it comes to customer support, Nitro Pro has various channels. For the majority of the issues such as getting a serial number and purchase history or activating Nitro PDF Pro, you can visit . Here you can also share feedback, post doubts, and interact with other customers.

customer support of nitro pro

If you have purchased a premium version and are facing issues, you can enter your name, email, and serial number and raise a ticket where you can elaborate on your issue.

submit ticket for ticket

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Nitro Pro good?

Nitro Pro is one of the most decent PDF editors that comes packed with a variety of features. It is easy to use and can be understood by users of all levels. You can edit, organize, convert PDFs, create and sign forms and do a lot many things.

Q2. What is Nitro Pro used for?

Nitro Pro PDF editor is not just an editor but way more than that. The PDF application can be used to edit, manage, organize, convert PDFs and it even takes into account the features with the help of which you can cement your PDF security and protection

Q3. How much does Nitro PDF Cost?

If you are a single user, you can choose the Package Discounts variant whose one-time license is available for US$ 179.99 per user. But, let’s say you have a team, you can then opt for 3 licenses only with one free, or, 8 licenses online with two free that at the time of writing this post are priced at US$ 539.97 and US$ 1367.92

Q4. Is Nitro Pro free?

You can enjoy all the benefits and features of Nitro PDF Pro free of cost for a time-period of 14 days after which you can choose to upgrade to a premium variant. 


As it is evident from the review, we can see why Nitro Pro is often regarded as one of the best PDF editors. Without a doubt, it can help you increase your productivity and streamline your workflow around PDF documents, especially if you have to juggle with PDFs all day long. Do, give this tool a try and test out all its features and let us know in the comments below so as to what you feel. For more such software reviews, keep reading Top10PCSoftware. Also, follow us on the social media platforms for the latest updates for Windows software. We are on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Flipboard.

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