IObit Software Updater Review for Windows 11

IObit Software Updater

Starts from $12.97 per year

IObit Software Updater Review for Windows 11

You probably fetch Windows updates regularly but what about the updates for various applications on your Windows PC? Just like your operating system, the applications too get updates where developers ensure that new features are rolled out and bugs, if any are fixed from time to time. But, with the multitude of applications on our computers, keeping track of updates can be a daunting task. That’s where a software updating tool can come into play. Here we are going to review IObit Software Updater 6 which is regarded as one of the best utilities for automating the task of updating applications on your PC.

IObit Software Updater

Starts from$ 12.97 per year
Free Trial

What Problems Related To Software Updates Can IObit Software Updater Help Fix –

Here are some reasons why installing IObit Software Updater can be a wise move –

  • It tracks software updates for various software on your PC in real time.
  • Keeps you informed of the version of software running on your computer and the latest version.
  • Lets you schedule software updates at your desired time and day.
  • You can exclude software from updating.
  • As for updates, you can manage update tasks for each of the software. You can – Update, Auto Update, or Ignore updates for a particular software.
  • Create a restore point before updating the application on your PC. In case the update doesn’t deliver desired results, you can always restore a previous version when everything was working fine.

While IObit Software Updater is hailed as one of the best tools for updating the various applications on your PC, you might want to keep your options open. Here are some other alternatives to IObit Software Updater

Technical Specifications

  • Windows Compatibility – Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  • CPU – 1GHz or higher
  • RAM – 512 MB or better
  • Hard Disk Space – 256 MB or more for installation.

How To Use IObit Software Updater?

Here is how you can get started with IObit Software Updater and then explore its various features –

Step 1 – Download, install and run IObit Software Updater

Step 2 – Once installed, IObit Software Updater will enlist all the outdated software on your PC. Select the ones that you want to update.

iobit, software updater 4.5 key

Step 3 – Against every software that you have chosen to update you can further select the update task.

iobit updater

Step 4 – Finally, when you have chosen the software that you want to update, the update task, and other settings, click on the Update Now button from the top right-hand side of the interface.


90% - Excellent

IObit Software Updater has an easy-to-understand interface. The left-hand pane consists of three options – My Software, Recommendations, and IObit Picks.

iobit software updater key

“My Software” is the main area where you can update the various software on your PC and also be informed about the ones that don’t need an update. The next section i.e. “Recommendations” is the area where you can find software that can enhance your productivity. You can choose from various software across categories like multimedia, security, browsers, remote work tools, etc. The last section “IObit Picks” lets you choose from a range of top IObit products.

If you wish you can dive into settings to schedule auto updates, excuse software from updating and performing other such tasks. You can click on the three horizontal lines (hamburger icon) from the top right corner of the interface and click on Settings.

iobit software updater 4.4 key


85% - Very Good

1. Update Software

IObit Software Updater lets you update the various software on your PC in real time. It also makes you aware of the version of the software that is running on your computer and the current available version. Here you can also choose the update tasks for various software. You can choose to update all software, ignore the updates for a particular application or auto-update it (a feature that we will discuss a little later)

2. Real Time Software Updates

You needn’t update all the applications on your computer. But, how would you ascertain which are the software you need to update and which ones that are already updated? IObit Software Updater 6 enlists all the software that are already running the latest version in the UpToDate section.

3. Schedule Software Updates

IObit Software Updater eliminates the need to manually update the software on your PC, thanks to its ability to schedule software updates. Although the auto-update feature is available in the premium version and you will have to purchase the IObit Software Updater key, here is how you can schedule updates –

Step 1 – From the right-hand side of the interface, click on the hamburger icon and click on Settings.

iobit software updater 4.4 key

Step 2 – From the left-hand side, click on Update. Move to the right and click on the radio button that says Update the program in Auto Update List at and select Task Schedule day and Start Time at which you want the update task to commence.

iobit software updater key

4. Add Software For Updation In The Auto Update List

One of the best things about IObit Software Updater is that it lets you add software to the auto-update list. This means that the software you choose to add to the Auto Update List will be checked for updates at your desired time.

iobit software updater 4.4 key

5. Exclude Software From Updating

iobit, software updater 4.5 key

Updating every single software on your PC might be futile since there might be applications on your PC that are redundant and that you might be wanting to uninstall. So, considering that not every software needs to be updated, you can add those specific software to the Ignore List. Once that’s done you won’t receive any notifications regarding the updates for those applications. If need be, you can even remove applications from the list.

6. Create Restore Point

iobit software updater

Whether you opt to use IObit Software Updater free or purchase its premium version, one of the best aspects of this utility is that it lets you create a restore point before you update software. This way, in case the update is not as per your liking or has brought about changes that you didn’t want, you can always restore your computer to a previous state.


90% - Excellent

Developers ensure that by the way of updates new features are released and bugs, if any are fixed. With the recent updates in IObit Software Updater, compatibility has been added for new software and the issue of occasional crashes has been resolved.


85% - Very Good

IObit Software Updater is available in two variants – free and paid. While most features are available in IObit Software Updater free, there are some features like Auto Update which are available on the paid variant. If you wish to schedule auto-updates for applications on your PC, you can purchase the paid variant and get the license key for $12.97.


80% - Very Good

As far as speed is concerned, the speed of IObit Software Updater depends on the number of programs you are updating. The time consumed is inclusive of updating the application and creating a restore point. In our test, when we updated 3 software, it took a little over 2 minutes.

Customer Support

85% - Very Good

The customer support that you get with IObit Software Updater is impressive. In case of any queries regarding the application or any other IObit product, you can reach out to the customer support team by clicking on Technical Support as shown in the screenshot below.

iobit software updater 5 key

When you reach the online feedback page, click on the dropdown next to Product and select IObit Software Updater. Then, select your Request Type by selecting an appropriate option from the dropdown.

Is IObit Software Updater Your Choice To Update Applications

Amongst various software updaters, IObit Software Updater has a strong foothold, but can it be your choice for updating the various applications on your computer? In our opinion, it is definitely worth considering, if you wish to automate the task of updating software. For more such content, keep reading Top10PCSoftware blogs. You can also find us on Facebook, Flipboard, and Pinterest.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. Is IObit Software Updater safe?

Yes, IObit Software Updater is safe and was not flagged off as malware by any of the Antivirus tools. It is always advisable that you install the software from the official website in order to steer clear of the duplicate and harmful versions that are rolled out on various platforms by threat actors.

Q2. What does IObit software updater do?

IObit Software Updater, as the name suggests, helps update the various software on your PC thereby letting you enjoy new features and helping you stay away from any bugs that may have crept in the older versions. It also helps you automate the task of updating software.

Q3. Is IObit Software Updater worth it?

Yes, it is worth it as it mitigates the need to manually identify outdated software and then manually update them.

Q4. How frequently does IObit Software Updater check for software updates?

The software updater application gives you complete control over the frequency at which you want to check for software updates. In fact, you can always choose the applications for which you want to check for updates and also assign a specific time and day on which the updates will be checked.

Q5. Can IObit Software Updater update all the software on my system, including third-party applications?

Yes, IObit Software Updater is capable of updating both system software as well as third-party software on your PC, streamlining the update process for your complete system.

Q6. Does IObit Software Updater provide a free version, or is it a paid service?

IObit Software Updater offers both free and paid versions. You can purchase the paid version for as low $12.97 and enjoy features like automatic software update.

Q7. Does IObit Software Updater offer any customer support or assistance if I encounter issues during updates?

Yes, IObit Software Updater offers customer support to address any issues you encounter during updates, ensuring a smooth experience.

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