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Best Free Artificial Intelligence Software

AI or artificial intelligence is revolutionizing industries worldwide. But, how effective is it for the general user? Here we have enlisted some of the best artificial intelligence software for your PC to enhance your productivity & overall user experience. These tools can be used for purposes such as content creation, data analysis, automation, and more. Nevertheless, you’ll have fun using these AI tools for Windows PCs in 2024.

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2.Wondershare Filmora
3.SwifDoo PDF
4.Skylum Luminar Neo
8.Salesforce Einstein

AI tools have transformed tasks once deemed tedious into enjoyable experiences, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. From organizing your tasks to boosting your creativity, these user-friendly tools are here to help you shine.

In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the best AI software for your PC that doesn’t require any tech know-how. It includes both paid and free artificial intelligence tools that you can use on your Windows desktop as standalone software or while surfing the web.

What Is An Artificial Intelligence Software?

Before we dive into the list of some of the best artificial intelligence (AI) software for Windows PCs, let’s get into the basics first. AI software uses artificial intelligence to perform complex tasks by simulating human intelligence. It is different from traditional software as it can analyze data, learn from it, and make decisions autonomously. Additionally, it understands natural language, makes predictions, and performs various other cognitive tasks to enhance efficiency, improve decision-making, and even mimic or exceed human capabilities.

What Are The Various Kinds of Artificial Intelligence Software?

We cover a wide range of AI applications, including content generation, document processing, system optimization, web browsing, image editing, voice manipulation, and customer relationship management.

1. ChatGPT


If you have stepped into the world of AI, ChatGPT probably doesn’t need an introduction. It is a natural language processing chatbot that works on generative AI technology. It was developed in November 2022.  It can help you code, compose emails, essays, and  various other tasks  while facilitating human-like conversations. You can easily access it from any device, whether it be your computer or smartphone.

Notable Features

  • Facilitates human-like conversation to accomplish various tasks – write content, stories, codes, create various documents, etc.
  • Assigns and tags chats that you can access later.
  • Manage archived chats
  • Explain complex topics.
  • Language Translation.

  • Export data that will be emailed to you.
  • Learns, adapts, and improves itself over time.
  • Contextual understanding.
  • Quick response to even the most complex topics.

  • Sometimes, it gives factually wrong answers as its training data is not the latest.

Pricing – Free version available. Pricing starts at $20/ month

Visit Here

2. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora

If you are interested in video editing, Wondershare Filmora is one of the best video editing tools you can use. We have previously explored its features and other aspects. However, in this post, we’ll discuss how it excels as one of the premier AI video editors that can make video editing a breeze for you. With its new AI-powered features, you’ll find yourself spending more time creating and less time editing.

Notable Features

  • AI Copilot analyzes your video and provides insightful recommendations.
  • Functionality to convert a text prompt into a video.
  • A variety of AI effects such as animated titles, painting effects, etc.
  • Intelligent AI audio tools such as music generator, vocal remover, denoise, etc.
  • Remove unwanted objects using AI Smart Cutout.

  • Convert videos to text and edit them like any other document.
  • Generate compelling titles with AI copywriting.
  • AI smart masking helps outline objects with a snap.
  • Create engaging thumbnails using AI.

  • Rendering can sometimes take time.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $59.99/ year

Download here

3. SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF

Whether you are a student or a working professional, you probably juggle PDFs day in and out. SwifDoo PDF comes with a smart and efficient AI assistant that lets you summarise, translate, rewrite, proofread, analyze, and explain PDF documents. Just like us, you’ll be surprised at the level of accuracy that the assistant offers.

Notable Features

  • Automatically summarise lengthy PDFs.
  • Generative AI helps explain complex concepts in the PDF.
  • Translate PDFs in other languages.
  • Rewrite and proofread your documents.
  • Proofread PDF documents.

  • Ask the assistant to summarise the content of the PDF.
  • Human-like conversation.
  • Works with Chat-GPT 4.0 for better performance.
  • Compare documents and fill in any gaps.

  • The AI feature works on one PDF at a time.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $14/ month billed quarterly

Download Here

4. Skylum Luminar Neo

Skylum Luminar Neo

When it comes to fine-tuning those exquisite shots, photo editing can feel like a daunting task. Skylum Luminar is AI image editing software that can assist you in post-processing those images like a professional. It comes packed with over 20 unique photo effects and editing features. With a single click, you can easily retouch portraits, enhance landscapes, remove unwanted objects, and accomplish  much more.

Notable Features

  • Replace the sky automatically based on the image taken.
  • Upscale AI helps enhance overall resolution.
  • Manipulate light sources with the help of Magic Light AI.
  • Face AI uses face recognition to adjust lighting.
  • Place mist, fog, and haze in your photo using content-aware masking.

  • Adjust tone, saturation, highlights, shadows, exposure, etc with the Accent AI module.
  • Focus Stacking aligns & crops photos from varying focus distances using reference images.
  • Remove background using AI background removal functionality.
  • Support for third-party plugins.

  • It could take a while for a photo to update after you have applied an effect.

Pricing – 7-day Free trial available. Pricing starts at $11.95/ month

Download here


Jasper ai

Jasper AI is a large language model (LLM) that excels in  translating languages, generating text, and crafting various types of creative material. With Jasper, you can effortlessly convert a single brief of content into campaigns and artistic works. The review and feedback system of Jasper is spot on. You can get recommendations for filling gaps and refining content with precision.

Notable Features

  • Track all your brand campaigns in one place.
  • Assign specific tones and styles based on your brand.
  • Create your custom “Terms List” to guide AI while you are writing.
  • Develop beautiful in-content photos based on text prompts.

  • Optimized and personalized writing experience.
  • Jasper can recommend content assets like Google text ads & blogs based on your brief.
  • Publish optimized content straight to your favorite platform.

  • Free limited trial.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $59

Download Here


Leonardo AI

If you wish to generate images using AI, is probably one of the best platforms. You can generate captivating visuals for computer games, videos, social media posts, and various other purposes. Considering that Generative AI works with prompts you can click on existing images and see what prompt is given by the user to generate those images.

Notable Features

  • Give prompts and generate art, illustrations, and more.
  • Specify the exact resolution of the image.
  • The real-time generation helps type and see images being generated in real-time.
  • Canvas Editor helps you add details, edit, refine, or modify styles.
  • Generate 3D textures.

  • Turn ideas to life with generative video.
  • Upscale images if you are not satisfied with the initial result.
  • Several templates to choose from.
  • You can create your own dataset and start training the tool.

  • Better customer support is required.

Pricing – You get 150 credits/ day. Pricing starts at $12/ month

Visit Here

7. VoiceMod


As an avid gamer, you may have, at one point, desired to change your voice. If yes? Share your experience in the comments below. VoiceMod is, indeed, a free artificial intelligence software that enables voice modification. It seamlessly integrates with other applications, such as Audacity or Discord, allowing you to choose  from a variety of  voices.

Notable Features

  • 150+ voice effects to choose from.
  • Adjust the voice’s sub-settings like bass, middle, treble, volume, etc.
  • AI text-to-song feature.
  • Voicelab helps you create custom voice changers.

  • HD quality.
  • Wide range of community-generated sounds.
  • You can let your viewers change your voice in real-time.

  • Setup especially with other applications can be tricky for some.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $32 approx.

Download Here

10. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein

It is touted as the first comprehensive AI for CRM. With Einstein, you can leverage an integrated suite of AI technologies to enhance customer engagement. . Einstein is capable of providing useful insights and can make predictive recommendations. Based on these, teams can understand their customers better, generate relevant content, and enhance customer experience.

Notable Features

  • Utilize AI for email writing, sales call summaries and actionable insights.
  • Customer Service AI helps summarize case resolutions and scale service operations.
  • Commerce AI automates product recommendations and description generation.
  • Predictive and generative AI is built directly into the platform.

  • Automate sales, close deals, and build relationships with real-time predictions.
  • Marketing AI helps build personalized customer journeys.
  • Build knowledgebase to empower agents.

  • Limited customization as compared to competitors.

Pricing – Based on request

Download Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is artificial intelligence (AI) free software?

AI-free software refers to computer programs that utilize artificial intelligence techniques. These programs leverage AI algorithms to perform tasks such as data analysis, natural language processing, image recognition, and other computing tasks without the need for human intervention.

Q2. What are some examples of the best AI software for Windows PCs?

In this post, we have mentioned some of the best AI software that you can use on your Windows PC. These include ChatGPT, SwifDoo PDF AI, Skylum Luminar, and many others.

Q3. Is there any reliable artificial intelligence freeware available?

Yes, there are many artificial intelligence freeware such as ChatGPT,, SwifDoo PDF, and many others. Many of these offer limited functionality as freeware and you may have to purchase the premium variants to enjoy complete functionality.

Q4. What factors should I consider when selecting the best AI software for Windows?

When selecting the best AI software for Windows, it’s essential to consider factors such as ease of use, compatibility with your system specifications, available features relevant to your needs (such as data analysis, natural language processing, or image recognition), user interface design, community support, and reliability based on user reviews and testimonials.

Time To Unleash the Power of AI on Your Windows PC

Harnessing your computer’s full potential has now become easier. Explore the best AI software for Windows and revolutionize your PC experience today. Whether it’s optimizing your computer, editing videos and images, or doing some other computing tasks, you can leverage the power of AI to enhance your experience and productivity. Plus, discovering the endless possibilities of AI software adds an element of excitement and fun to your computing journey, isn’t it?

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