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Aomei Partition Assistant Standard Review [2024]: Pricing & Details

Do you aspire to dual boot your Windows computer? Want to have some space where you can back up your files? Or, put all those high-definition movies you downloaded? But can’t because of mismanaged partitions and low storage space. That’s what this post’s for. Here we will review AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard version and see how this tool can help you fulfill such aspirations.

What is AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, and What Is It Used for?

Before we review AOMEI Partition Standard for Windows 10, its features, and various aspects, it is important to understand the basics and what the tool is about. To begin with, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a free and easy-to-use disk partition software that can help you create and manage partitions on your hard drive on your Windows PC.

You might wonder and ask, why would I need a disk partition tool like AOMEI Partition Assistant? That’s because Windows disk management tools are limited. For instance, you may have to turn to a third-party disk management tool when resizing an existing partition.

With the help of AOMEI Partition Standard for Windows, you not only can create partitions but even resize, merge, split, wipe off, extend, clone, and do many other things to manage your partitions. It even lets you create a bootable Windows PE operating system that can help you run the software before your actual Windows OS starts. Apart from partition management functionalities, it also comes with the Windows To Go tool, with the help of which you can create portable versions of your Windows OS.


  • Create, resize, merge, move, and format partitions
  • Sector-wise data protection.
  • Check your disk’s read and write speed within the software.
  • Easily migrate OS


  • Conversion from dynamic to basic disks is not possible


80% - Good

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard has a simple-to-use and simple-to-understand interface. On the left-hand side, the operations are broadly divided into Wizards and Partition Operations. The main functions, i.e., the ones related to managing partitions such as resize, move, clone, delete, etc., are mentioned under Partition Operations.

On the right-hand side, you can see all your drives. You can hover on each drive, hover on the i icon, and see aspects such as used space, file system, flag, and status. One of the best aspects of the interface is that you can preview the results before executing a function. This eliminates the chances of errors.

Having said that, it is still slightly dated as compared to many of its counterparts, such as the EaseUS Partition Master.

Hardware Requirements

To carry out the functions and use the various features of AOMEI Partition

  • Current Version: 9.10.0
  • Windows Compatibility: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
  • RAM: Minimum 256 MB
  • CPU: At least X86 or CPU that has main frequency 500 MHz
  • Hard Disk Space Required:
  • File Size: 38.41 MB


80% - Very Good

1. Create Partitions

AOMEI Partition Assistant for Windows 10 does a fairly decent job when it comes to managing partitions. You can easily create distinct partitions on your hard drive to manage the data much more easily and smoothly. Also, if there are redundant partitions that you don’t need, you can even delete them using AOMEI Partition Assistant. The tool also helps you perform advanced functions such as partition formatting. Here you can change its file system and erase all the data.

2. Resize Partitions

Resize Partitions

AOMEI Partition Assistant lets you easily resize or move partitions without risking your data. Not just that, if you have free space on one partition, you can move it to another that may lack free space. Apart from that, you can also extend the NTFS partition, and the best part here is that you won’t be required to restart your computer.

3. Merge Partitions

When talking about merging partitions, we also consider the task of splitting partitions as well. First, this disk management tool lets you merge two partitions into one hassle-free. Now, let’s say you have a big partition and want to split it into smaller ones. How would you go about doing that? By downloading the AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard edition, you can easily split a big partition into smaller ones.

4. Clone Partitions, and Disks

Let’s assume you are dealing with multiple PCs where you are required to replicate the operating system, software, patches, and several other things onto all the computers. AOMEI Partition Assistant makes this task easy as you can easily clone one disk or partition onto another. You can also migrate your complete system onto an SSD to operate faster. Here you can clone only used space to another disk or conduct sector-by-sector cloning.

5. Rebuild MBR

Rebuild MBR

If you encounter the error “system missing” or “operating system not found,” chances are that you have a damaged MBR (Master boot Record). AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard helps repair the corrupted MBR while ensuring that none of the data is destroyed.

If you can’t boot into your computer, you may be required to create a WinPE bootable CD, which is something that AOMEI Partition Assistant can do. In such a case, you can unplug the problematic disk and plug it back into another system. Then, using AOMEI Partition Assistant on that system, you can rebuild the MBR for that disk.

6. Create Bootable Media

Create Bootable Media

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard comes with a Windows PE bootable CD Wizard with the help of which you can create a bootable rescue disk. This can come to your aid in a situation where your system has failed to boot. Another greater feature that AOMEI Partition Assistant comes packed with is the Windows To Go Creator which lets you deploy an environment that will boot from an external hard drive or a USB drive.


85% - Very Good

AOMEI Partition Assistant updates

Ever since the 1st version, AOMEI Partition Assistant has seen several improvements. From adding tools such as partition and disk copy wizard initially, then allowing several conversions in file systems and disk types, to adding support to migrate OS to SSDs, several features have been added to AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Through various updates, developers also ensure that the tools remain free of any bugs and vulnerabilities.

You can manually fetch updates by clicking on the hamburger icon from the top-right corner of the screen and then clicking on Check For Updates.


80% - Good

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard version is freeware, i.e., you can download it for free. The free variant offers a majority of the disk partition functions, such as you can create, delete, format, merge, clone partitions, change drive letters, and rebuild MBR, most of which we have already discussed above.

However, it lacks features that can only be found in premium variants. To give you a glimpse, the premium variants, such as the Professional and Unlimited Edition, offer more advanced features, including splitting partitions, migrating OS to SSD, and various conversions. With the premium variants, you can even recover lost partitions as well.

As for price – the yearly  Professional Edition subscription is priced at US$ 39.95, while the lifetime upgrade of the same will cost you US$59.95. AOMEI Partition Assistant is also available in various business variants, the price of which can be found here. You can also enjoy discounts that run from time to time.

Professional Edition
  • Migrate OS to SSD Allocate Free Space System Disk Clone Recover Lost/Deleted Partitions MBR/GPT Boot Disk Converter
Server Edition
  • Migrate OS to SSD Allocate Free Space System Disk Clone Recover Lost/Deleted Partitions MBR/GPT Boot Disk Converter Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022


75% - Good

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard carries all the various functions pertaining to managing partitions smoothly and hassle-free. It took nearly 8 hours to wipe off an entire 500 GB hard drive, slightly more than MiniTool Partition Wizard. But again, the results may vary from user to user. In another task, it took about 20 minutes to clone a 120 GB partition.

Customer Support

85% - Very Good

What would you do if you get stuck while using AOMEI Partition Assistant? In such a case, you can always reach out to technical support who are often prompt enough to help you get your issues fixed. Here the difference between the Standard and Pro variants is that while you can only contact and get a reply from the customer support team during business hours in the Standard variant, the customer support team is active 24/7 in the pro variants.

First off, if you are unsure how to use a function, you can refer to several online tutorials that are present in the form of posts and videos. Then several how-to guides can guide you on how to use the various functions of this disk partition management tool to fix common issues. You can also refer to the FAQs page, where you will find answers to different common user queries.

And, even if, after all this, you are stuck, you can mail in your queries at or raise a complaint at, and the respective team will get in touch with you shortly and resolve the issue.

Wrapping Up

Creating multiple partitions on a hard drive can be a real-life savior as it can help save data if your computer crashes or one of the many partitions is hit by malware. And, for creating partitions, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition is a viable tool where you won’t have to pay any extra amount. If you liked this post or have used AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition before, share your experience in the comments section below. For more information, you can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Flipboard.

How To Use AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard?

1. Download, install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard and follow the on-screen steps for installation.

2. After the installation is complete and the applications open, click on the drive from the right-hand side on which you want to perform one of the partition operations.

partition operations

3. Instead of selecting one of the partition operations from the left-hand side of the interface, you can right-click on the drive on the right-hand and select the partition operation.

selecting one of the partition operations

4. Let’s say you want to merge two partitions; right-click on the partition you want to merge and select Merge Partitions.

Merge Partitions

5. Click on the checkbox next to your target partition, i.e., the partition you want to merge the base partition with.

checkbox next to your target partition

6. Click on Apply from the top left corner of the interface for the merge operation to execute.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is AOMEI Partition Assistant safe?

Yes, AOMEI Partition Assistant is safe and wasn’t flagged as malware by any antivirus programs. Secondly, it allows you to preview results when executing steps related to most operations.

Q2. Is AOMEI Partition Assistant free?

Yes, the AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard edition is free and lets you perform most partition functions. However, to get access to more advanced features, such as conversion operations, and to migrate OS to SSD, you can choose to get one of the premium variants

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