Sejda PDF Review

Sejda PDF Editor

Starts from $63 per year

Sejda PDF Editor Review

Looking for an all-inclusive PDF editing tool that can help you edit, compress, protect, and manipulate different aspects of your PDF? If yes, this post is for you! Here we have reviewed Sejda PDF Editor based on our personal experience with the tool. In this post, we have discussed its various features, pros, cons, pricing, and more which will make it easy for you to decide whether you should get your hands on this PD editing software or not. 

Sejda PDF Editor

Starts from$ 63 per year
Free Trial

What Is Sejda PDF Editor?

Sejda PDF is an easy-to-use, simple, and productive PDF editing software that comes with over 30 PDF tools using which you can perform various tasks to read, write, edit and manipulate your PDFs. You can either download the dedicated Sejda PDF Editor desktop software or edit PDFs online using web-based Sejda service. 

The PDF editing tool lets you edit, annotate PDFs, add text, shapes, highlight main areas and do a lot more. It lets you merge or split multiple PDF files depending on your needs & preferences. 

There are tons of options to add security to your PDF documents as well. You can password-protect your PDFs, assign roles and even watermark your PDFs. We have discussed all such features and more in this post, so read on. 


  • Can edit text, though on a limited basis
  • Supports inserting photos
  • You can edit an unlimited number of documents


  • Cannot remove or edit existing images
  • Has no OCR engine

Technical Specification

Latest version – 7.5.4

Windows compatibility – Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7 (32 and 64 bit)

File size – 259 MB

RAM – Minimum 4 GB

How To Use Sejda PDF Editor?

Follow the step-by-step instructions to learn the process of using Sejda PDF Editor. 

  1. You can either use the web-based version of Sejda PDF Editor to edit PDFs online or download the Windows desktop app. Since the steps are more or less the same, we’ll outline the steps to use Sejda PDF Editor on Windows
  2. Once you have downloaded the software to edit PDFs on your computer, you can select a task that you want to perform. You can choose the options from merging, extracting, editing, organizing, splitting, password protecting and other options. 
  3. Let’s say you want to add text or annotate your PDF document. For this, click on the “PDF Editor” option under “Popular” header.
    Sejda PDF for Desktop 
  4.  Add the PDF you want to edit by clicking on the “Choose PDF File” button.
    Sejda PDF Editor
  5. You will see tons of options to edit your PDF, including the options to add or change text, add links, images, sign PDFs, add shapes, highlight or whiteout text and do a lot more.
    Sejda PDF Features
  6. Once you are satisfied with the results, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the dashboard and save the PDF at the desired location. 


80% - Good

Sejda PDF for Desktop

As soon as you’ll download and install Sejda PDF Editor, you’ll see a clean and intuitive dashboard. We liked how all the options are well categorized and are available on a single page. You shouldn’t have any difficulties figuring out what each of the options is meant to do.

Once you click on an option, for example, The “PDF Editor”, you can start by selecting the PDF files. Here, you can either click on the “Choose PDF file” option or drag and drop the PDF files you want to work on. Depending on the option you have chosen, you can select one or many PDF files. 

Under each of the options, you will get  “File”, “Edit” and “Window” menus that resemble menus from Microsoft applications. To go back to the home page, you can click on File > Home. 

We’d also like to mention that the desktop application’s interface resembles that of the Sejda online PDF editor where you can easily edit PDFs online. The only thing we missed here is the tabbed view where you can access your recently used PDFs, as is the case with many other PDF editors


85% - Very Good

Sejda PDF editor offers a variety of features, some of which are mentioned below – 

1. Edit PDFs

Sejda PDF Editor lets you edit PDFs with utmost ease. You can add text, and change its font and color. You can create forms with editable fields and whiteout areas that you want to hide or don’t want at all. You can even annotate your PDFs using highlights and shapes of your choice and do a lot more. 

Edit PDF using Sejda

2. Merge, Split and Extract Pages

Even with the free Sejda PDF Editor, you have multiple options to split PDF pages into multiple files. You can split your PDFs by page numbers and bookmarks. Not just that, you can split a PDF page in half or by text and size.  

Don’t wish to split PDF pages, instead want to create a new document that contains only the pages you need? You can even do that! Simply select multiple PDF documents, choose a page range and start extracting pages.

sejda online pdf editor

Lastly, you can combine several PDFs and images into one single PDF. For this, you can click on “Choose PDF & image files” and select the files that you want to incorporate into your new PDF. 

3. Delete Pages

Have tons of blank pages in your PDF document? Or, is your PDF filled with redundant pages and unnecessary information? The PDF editing tool makes it easy for you to easily remove those. Both web-based Sejda PDF Editor and desktop versions let you delete pages with ease. You can enter the custom page range or interval, and even choose to discard bookmarks from the results. 

sejda pdf editor review

4. Compress PDFs

There are plenty of options for compressing the size of your PDF. After all, large PDF files can take up a lot of storage space on your device or pose difficulties if you are mailing them to someone else. When it comes to compressing PDFs, Sejda PDF Editor lets you choose the image quality and resolution. You can even convert images to greyscale or choose to keep or discard multimedia files.

pdf edit online sejda

5. Convert PDFs To Multiple File Formats

Using Sejda PDF Editor you can convert your PDFs to multiple file formats including Excel, Text, Word, and JPG. The only downside that we found here is that in the desktop version, there is only one format that you can convert back to PDF and that is JPG. However, if you use Sejda online PDF Editor you can also convert HTML and Word to PDF 

sejda pdf editor

6. Secure PDFs

To protect your PDFs, you can use Sejda PDF Editor to add passwords to your PDF documents. Not only this, you can also alter permissions to perform various tasks such as modifying PDFs, printing, filling forms, etc. You can even assign encryption.  

sejda pdf editor review

Using the “Flatten PDF” option you can make fillable PDFs read-only. You can choose to flatten everything, in which case, every page will be converted to an image. Or, you can opt to flatten only form fields. 

7. OCR Capabilities

It often happens that our friends and colleagues send scanned copies of documents. But, what if the need arises to scan those PDF documents to searchable texts? Sejda PDF editor lets you extract text from scannable documents as well. Here you can choose from various languages and then even choose the output format (PDF or Text).

sejda pdf editor


85% - Very Good

Updates are regularly released for Sejda PDF Editor to enjoy new features and fix common bugs. With the recent update, you can overwrite the file that is being edited currently. Head/ Footer and Bates numbering now have more fonts. Various such features are released regularly. 


80% - Good

Sejda PDF editor is available in two versions – Free and Pro. The Sejda PDF Editor free version gives you access to all the features but with limited functionality. The Pro variant removes all restrictions and you can access all the functions on any number of files. 

Here’s what you can expect when you download the Sejda PDF editor free version, or if you choose to upgrade to the Pro variant – 

online pdf editor sejda

The Pro version is further available for “Personal” use and you can also opt for the professional variant i.e. “Team”. The latter version mostly has various discounts running on it (going up to 60%). Below is the screenshot that depicts the pricing for both versions – 


sejda pdf editor download


sejda pdf editor free


85% - Very Good

We tested out Sejda PDF Editor on a Windows 11 and Windows 10 (64-bit) desktop and it worked without any lags. In certain scenarios, when you are selecting multiple PDFs, the processing time may vary depending on the size of the PDF files and the operation chosen.

Customer Support

85% - Very Good

At any point, if you get stuck with a feature or have other queries, you can reach out to the support team by clicking on the hamburger icon at the left and selecting “Contact Support”. You can then describe your issue in brief.

sejda online pdf editor

Wrapping Up

Do try out Sejda PDF Editor and share your experience with us in the comments section below. We’d also like to know how it fares up against your favorite PDF tool. For more such content, keep reading Top10PCSoftware. You can also find us on Facebook, Flipboard and Pinterest.


How do I edit a PDF in Sejda desktop?

To edit PDF in the Sejda desktop, click on the “PDF Editor” option that you can find under the “Popular” or “Edit & Sign” Category. Next, select the PDF document that you want to edit. Once you are in the editor, you can add text, change font and color, add shapes, and do a lot more to edit your PDFs.

What are the features of Sejda PDF desktop?

Sejda PDF for desktop comes with over 30 tools with which you can edit, merge, split, compress, delete, extract, sign, secure, convert, and do a lot more tasks on your PDFs.

How secure is Sejda?

Yes, Sejda is a secure online and offline PDF editor. In both cases, we didn’t get any notification that it is a malware. 

Does Sejda desktop process files locally?

Yes, you can select a PDF document from a local hard drive and perform edits on it, unlike its browser-based service where files are uploaded and processed on their servers.

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