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Copying files from one place to another may seem like a normal task but what if you have to copy multiple large files? Moreover, what if there are problematic files? Can you afford to check the copying process every now and then? Would you be fine with a slow copy-pasting process? If not, do you need file copy software? Here we are going to review FastCopy which is regarded as one of the best copy/ backup software on Windows. 


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What is FastCopy?

FastCopy is a Windows tool that can enhance the speed of copying and transferring files and folders from one destination to another. 

It is more customizable than Windows’ own file explorer. It supports UNICODE and over 260 characters for file pathnames. It ensures that other applications do not become slow because it performs reading and writing with no OS cache. 

With this software, you can also choose the transfer and buffer speed, apart from the source and destination directory. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of settings. For instance, for I/O settings to read and write, you can specify the buffer speed, I/O unit, and many others.  

While FastCopy is regarded as one of the best file copy software, here are some of the other great file copy software.


  • Multi-thread support
  • Supports data sanitization methods that are approved by National Security Agency or NSA
  • Doesn’t hog on resources


  • A little complicated interface

Windows Compatibility – Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7


80% - Good

fast copy for pc

FastCopy has a very basic interface. On the top, you have the menu bar that contains options for File management, task management (JobMng), and options for post-processing. Here you can also refer to the “Help” menu to understand what each of the functions of the software is meant to do. 

Then, in the next section, you can choose the “Source” and the “Destination” directory for file transfer. Here you can add further filters to overwrite or sync files based on size and date.  In the middle area, you can also see information regarding the read and write speed, file rate, and transfer rate.

For the most part, the interface is basic and easy to understand. However, there are certain options that, though powerful, are meant only for advanced users only.  


85% - Very Good

1. Drag and Drop

fastcopy review

You can copy and paste files from the source to the destination by simply dragging and dropping the path in the “Source” or the “Destination” section. Alternatively, you can click on the buttons of the same names and choose files that you want to copy. 

2. Synchronizing Files

fastcopy review

FastCopy offers you several options to move and sync files. For instance, you can choose to move files one by one. When this option is selected, your original files won’t get deleted until the move files list is full. Or, you can choose to delete files before copying. Here, the files that don’t exist in the source or overwrite destination files will be deleted before the copying process begins.

3. File Verification

fast copy windows 10

You can use FastCopy to verify files using a variety of options. For example, from the “Main Settings” you can choose the Hash Mode (xxHash/MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256/xxHash3) or any of the mentioned options as shown in the screenshot above. 

4. Manage Jobs

windows fast copy

You can create separate jobs to copy files. Under each job, you can have individual parameters for “Source”, Destination directory or “DestDir”, buffer speed, and other settings. You can manage each of these jobs under the “JobMng” section on the top. Under this section, you can even delete a selected job.

5. Multi-Threaded Read

FastCopy uses multi-threads for copying files as such it can copy multiple files simultaneously and quickly as compared to File Explorer’s own copy operation. It uses multi-threads for reading, writing, and verifying files. 

6. Portable

As a portable software, FastCopy can run on a Windows PC without real installation. It might seem like an installer, but it will just extract files to a chosen location. It is simple to use and comes with a variety of different options when transferring files.

7. Command-line Support

FastCopy also offers command-line support to copy data quite like Robocopy. For a normal user, this might be a little complicated but for advanced users, it can be a very powerful option since it lets you create your own scripts to back up your data. After an initial setup for backup jobs, it will be as easy as running a batch file to copy all your data.


80% - Good

Ever since its initial release in 2004, updates have been released in FastCopy for adding stability and features. The current version 4.1.7 was released in June 2022.  You can manually fetch updates, by clicking on the help menu and then, clicking on the “Check Update” option. 

fastcopy portable


95% - Excellent

FastCopy is free-to-use software. 


85% - Very Good

To test out the transferring speed, we ran FastCopy at its default settings and compared it with Windows’ own File explorer and another file copy software – TeraCopy. Windows 11 default file explorer took roughly 30 seconds to transfer files worth 3.5 GB. TeraCopy, on the other hand, took half the time i.e. 15 seconds and FastCopy too didn’t fall behind much. It took nearly 20 seconds to copy files from one destination to another using FastCopy.

Customer Support

80% - Good

At any point, if you are stuck with any feature, there are two ways you can get your queries resolved. You can refer to the comprehensive “Help” guide that takes you through each of the options of FastCopy and tells you what each of these options does. To access the guide, click on “Help” and then again click on “Help”. The next method to seek assistance for queries is to post them to the support “forum”. 

How To Use FastCopy?

1. Download, install, and run FastCopy.

2. Click on the source and destination boxes, and choose the files that you want to copy.

fastcopy portable

You can also drag and drop file paths onto the source and destination.

3. You can also click on the checkboxes on the right if, for instance, you want FastCopy to verify the data for you or estimate the transfer time. 

fast copy for pc

4. If you are copying files between servers then you can click on the ACL checkbox, this will copy the access control list.   

fast copy windows 10

5. Once you are satisfied with the options you have chosen, click on the Execute button.

6. While the transfer is taking place, you can minimize the tool and continue other tasks. To access the tool again, you can click on the FastCopy icon from the System Tray

Wrapping Up

In the end, we’d again like to reinstate that when transferring small files (even in bulk), you might not face many difficulties. The problem arises when transferring large files in bulk. A utility like FastCopy speeds up the process of copying and pasting files significantly. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more such content, keep reading Top 10 PC Software. You can also find us on  Facebook, Flipboard, and Pinterest.

FAQs –

Q1. Is FastCopy good software?

Yes, FastCopy is a good software that can help you copy files faster than Windows own File Explorer. 

Q2. Which is better FastCopy or TeraCopy?

TeraCopy is slightly faster than FastCopy. Although the results might differ from machine to machine. 

Q3. What is FastCopy 64-bit?

FastCopy is a slim yet powerful freeware file-copying software for Windows 64-bit editions.  It can copy large files close to the computer’s own defined read and write limitation and that too without consuming CPU. 

Q4. What’s new in FastCopy 4?

It has become compatible with Windows 7 and can be installed and extracted and run as a portable version.

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