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Boom 3D Review: Is It Good At Enhancing Sound Quality?

The computer’s normal stereo audio sometimes fails to produce realistic sound. An audio enhancement app like Boom 3D helps enhance your audio experience, regardless of the content you are playing – movies, games, songs, or anything else. In this post, we’ll review Boom 3D for Windows PC and look at its aspects in greater detail.

What is Boom 3D?

Boom 3D is an excellent sound enhancer utility for Windows PC. It is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers. It comes with innovative 3D audio technology, and a sound staging algorithm that enhances the audio played on your computer. It extracts audio components from the track being played and makes it more realistic by adding spatial effects. It works almost instantly, and you can see real-time changes in the sound effects for the audio.

The volume booster application is designed and developed by Global Delight, a company that came into existence in 2007 and has since produced award-winning apps like Vizmoto and Capto. The apps enjoy over 30 million users across the globe and are used by users from all walks of life, including musicians, DJs, producers, and many others.


  • 3D Surround sound
  • Multiple Equalizer Presets
  • Turns into a proficient audio player
  • Free access to 20,000+ radio stations
  • Deep bass
  • 30 days free trial


  • Management of audio files in the interface could have been better

Why Choose Boom 3D Equilizer App?

Sometimes your computer’s speakers fail to replicate the same audio experience of the audio content being played on it. For instance, despite tweaking the audio settings of your computer, you might not be able to get the right feel from a game’s or movie’s audio. As a result, you invest in high-end speakers or headphones, but to no avail – the richness in sound, quality, and fidelity is still not there.

Here you can use an equalizer app like Boom 3D, a system-wide audio enhancement tool. It helps enhance the sound on your computer and gives you a truly immersive experience regardless of the audio content you are playing – games, movies, music, you name it. Boom 3D helps you boost your Windows volume to capture every minute of sound detail in all its clarity.

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Technical Specifications

  • Operating System: Windows 10 and 11 (64-bit only)
  • CPU: Any 64-bit processor
  • Memory Required: Minimum 256 MB RAM
  • Size: 30.5 MB

Audio Effects

  • 3D Surround
  • Ambiance
  • Night Mode
  • Fidelity
  • Spatial
  • Pitch

Devices Supported

  • Bluetooth Earphones and speakers
  • Plug-in Headphones and speakers
  • Laptop/ PC inbuilt audio

How To Install and Use Boom 3D Equalizer on Windows?

Boom 3D is straightforward to use, and here we are adding the steps to walk you through installing and downloading on your computer.

1. First, download Boom 3D for Windows 11/10 PC.

2. At the time of installing Boom 3D, it will show you the requirement of Microsoft Windows Desktop Runtime – 5.0.11 (x64). If you have not already installed your computer, download it from the official website. Once you have downloaded the setup, double-click on it and install it.

microsoft windows desktop

3. Double-click on the Boom 3D setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.

installation of boom3d

4. The Welcome screen will help you move forward with the Continue button.

welcome to boom3d

Now, log in, and you can enjoy the Free Trial version with the Sign-up button on your computer for 30 days, but to enjoy the premium features, purchase the product. Click on the Buy Boom. If you have already purchased, click the Unlock button to add your license key. For free

boom3d free

5. Once the Boom 3D sound enhancer app is launched, click on the Boom 3D icon to turn it on/off

Boom 3D sound enhancer

Select one of the 3D surround sound effects as per your desires

3D surround sound effects

6. You can choose from several presets and adjust the frequency using slider bars.

adjust the frequency

7. You can control the volume effects of your whole PC or individual files. To control individual files’ audio, you can drag and drop the files and access them with the built-in music player.


90% - Very Good

boom3d interface

Right at the outset, we’d like to say that whether you are a beginner or a seasoned audiophile, you will enjoy working with Boom 3D and how it works as a sound enhancer. The audio output optimization tool has a decent and straightforward interface. You can turn off/on the Boom 3D equalizer with one click. Then, the Boom volume booster is again visible clearly so that you can increase or decrease the volume.

Although, if you are new to the concept of audio enhancement and wish to fiddle with advanced controls, you may take a little while to get accustomed to how you can tweak sound frequencies to reach the right levels, if not the toolset as a whole. To help you with that, Boom 3D offers readymade presets that you might not have to tweak as a beginner.

One of the best parts about the interface is that you can revert the settings to default, let’s say if you are not happy with the settings and are unaware of what levels to tweak the setting to.


85% - Very Good

1. 3D Surround Sound

3D Surround Sound

When you download Boom 3D on your PC, you can convert normal sound into 3D sound, which means the sound being played will become more immersive. For instance, you will instantly feel the difference when you play a movie game without the Boom 3D equalizer and as soon as you switch it on.

The moment you switch the 3D sound on, you can check the audio from each of the speakers of the virtual 3D sound. You can tweak the audio’s intensity, adjust the subwoofer, and gain. You can adjust the Intensity and Bass Control and turn on or off the left & right speakers shown in the application.

2. Several 3D Sound Effects To Choose From

There are various aspects/ effects of 3D surround sound that you can choose and tweak as per your liking –

1. Ambiance – Audio content in games and movies sounds more realistic in this mode. In our personal use, when we chose this effect in Boom 3D, it enhanced sound reflection and the various instruments played in games or movies.

2. Fidelity – This effect enhances the overall sound quality by boosting weaker frequency bands of audio so that you’ll get the same quality in audio as and when it was recorded.

3. Night Mode – Imagine binging on an action series that combines both explosive voices as gunshots and soft voices such as dramatic whispers. You would certainly prefer the whispers over gunshots. That’s precisely what Night Mode does for you. It makes softer noises crisper and clearer.

4. Spatial – Using this effect in Boom 3D for Windows, your system-wide audio enhancement will be much crisper as it adds more clarity to the left and right channels. It boosts the stereo while gaming, watching a movie, or listening to music.

5. Pitch – If you are a singer, you probably calibrate the pitch of a song up to your liking. Precisely what this audio-enhancing software for Windows does. It lets you adjust the pitch of your audio by semitones so that it can match other instruments.

Every mode is further accompanied by several presets – Dubstep, Electronic, Flat, Hip Hop, House, Jazz, Loud, Metal, Movie, Music, Party, Pop, and many others.

So, let’s say you want to create an ambient atmosphere while watching a movie. You can choose the Movie preset, Ambience, and 3D surround mode.

ambient atmosphere

3. 31-Band Equalizer

From the screenshot just above, you can see that several Equalizer bars further have sliders. The latest version of Boom 3D for Windows comes with a 31-band equalizer, with the help of which you can calibrate audio as per your liking and mood. More specifically, every preset comes with audio settings, which can also be manually changed.

(1) You can click on Equalizer, (2) Select a Preset, e.g., Music, and (3) Tweak the slider to change frequency. If you are an audiophile, you will undoubtedly enjoy this, won’t you?

change frequency

But what if you have made several tweaks and wish to revert an equalizer to its original settings? You can click on the Preset and then further click on the reset button, as shown in the image below. The equalizer bars related to the preset will revert to default settings.

original settings

4. Control The Volume of Apps

Control The Volume of Apps

Boom 3D comes with a dedicated Apps Volume Controller, with the help of which you can boost the Boom volume of apps on your PC. This feature can come in handy when adjusting the notification volume or output volume of individual apps such as Amazon Prime, Spotify, YouTube, and others.

5. Built-In Music Player With Several Radio Stations

Built-In Music Player

Apart from being an equalizer app, Boom 3D doubles up as a slick music player. You can drag and drop your audio files, create playlists and do almost everything a music player does for you. You can set a sleep timer from 5 to 45 minutes and customize it, after which the music will automatically stop.

music automatically

One of the aspects that we liked about Boom 3D’s music player is that it gives you access to 20000+ radio stations in 120 countries. Apart from selecting a radio station based country-wise or region-wise, you can explore radio stations in many different ways. We haven’t seen many music players that let you choose radio stations by mood or music genre, but this one does.


90% - Excellent

check the latest updates

The audio enhancement app has undoubtedly come a long way, which you will notice instantly when downloading Boom 3D’s latest version. Boom 3D, Windows users can take their audio experience to a new level. It also gives users an easy option to check the latest updates within the app, click on the Top-left menu bar, and go to About. This will show you the latest version and the Check for updates button. Click on it to find out if any updates are available manually. However, you will get notifications for the new releases or additions to Boom3D on your PC.


85% - Very Good

boom3d sale

From what we can see, Boom 3D is one of the reasonably priced audio-enhancing software. You can try Boom 3D for 30 days, after which you can purchase Boom 3D and avail all of its premium features. It is available at $14.99 for 2 PCs, but Boom 3D is originally priced at US$ 49.99, and the discount is applicable for the ongoing flash sale. It can be used on two computers with the same account.


85% - Very Good

The moment you choose a preset and adjust the frequency bar, you will be able to notice the effect instantly with no delay issues. It won’t be wrong to say that you will be able to feel the changes in the sound in real-time. During our testing of the Boom 3D app on Windows PC, all the changes made could be noticed in real-time and instant changes in the audio will make it favorable to all its users. If a few minute crackling noises are detected, try using another preset from the Equalizer, which suits the music playing on your computer. Overall, Boom 3D is the fastest sound booster and enhancer for Windows.

Customer Support

85% - Very Good

During working with Boom sound booster, a user might face challenges, and the need might arise to take assistance. On that front, Global Delight, the makers of Boom 3D, have their customers covered with the FAQs page on its official website as well as you can directly type in a query from the application along with your email address.

Boom sound booster customer support

Boom 3D offers various ways to get a customer’s query and get in touch with the customer support team. You can visit the contact page and describe your product-related query here.

global delight contact form

You can even download the Boom 3D user manual from the About section to help you get started with the app.

There is a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions section where users’ common questions are neatly sorted into categories. What’s even better? There are video tutorials about significant aspects of the app. You can refer to these and resolve queries.

significant aspects of the app

Last but not least, if your queries are still unresolved, you can raise a support ticket, and the customer support team will get back to you promptly.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Q1. Should I buy Boom 3D?

If you are not happy with your computer’s inbuilt volume and neither are your headphones or speakers delivering the sound quality you need, you can give Boom 3D a try.

Q2. Does Boom 3D work with Spotify?

Boom 3D works with all the apps on your computer, including Spotify. With Boom 3D, you can control the volume of apps or enhance their sound with the help of various equalizer presets at your disposal.

Q3. Is Boom 3D good for gaming?

Yes, Boom 3D can enhance your gaming experience as its multi-channel 3D surround sound adds crispness and clarity to every interaction you make with the game you are playing. With Boom 3D, you can make your experience truly immersive.

Q4. How much does Boom 3D cost?

Boom 3D app for Windows 11/10 is originally priced at US$ 49.99; however, for a limited time, you can purchase Boom 3D at a discounted price of US$ 14.99

Wrapping Up

Boom 3D has an intuitive interface that can be easily operated by a novice and help themselves in boosting sound or adding presets to enhance audio quality. It gives you an instant boost for the audio playing over the internet or present on your device.  From what we can infer from this Boom 3D review, it stands at par or is better than many of its alternatives, such as FXSound, Equalizer APO, and Voice Meeter. It is also reasonably priced to be used on two of your computers at the same time.

In the end, we would like to add that if you are looking for an easy way to enhance the sound on your computer? Boom 3D app for Windows is a great option that offers everything from immersive sound, customized presents, volume boosters, and more. You’ll be amazed at how wonderfully the equalizer app works in real-time with whatever you are playing on your computer – music, games, movies, etc., and whatever platform you are playing the content on – on your computer, browser, app, and everywhere else.

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