10 Best Disk Space Analyzer Software for Windows

best free disk space analyzer windows 10

You are running out of disk space on your PC. And, what’s frustrating is that you are clueless as to which files and folders are taking up space. Worry not! Here are some of the best disk usage analyzers that will give you a crystal clear picture of what’s clogging the precious storage space of your PC. 

Top Software Reviews Rating
1.Disk Analyzer Pro
6.Advanced System Optimizer
7.MiniTool Partition Wizard

If it has been a while since you first bought your computer, you sure have stored innumerable files and folders. Amidst a busy schedule, you probably have any time to manage files or more importantly, remove files or folders that are unwanted. If you go about this task hastily, you might end up deleting data that could be precious. 

Enter some of the best hard drive disk space analyzer tools. These are lightweight tools that don’t just tell you what’s taking up space but even make the task of managing data and removing data safe and swift. Here, we have enlisted some of the best free and paid disk usage analyzers for Windows 11/10 PCs. 

Why Choose A Disk Space Analyzer For Windows 11/10

You might be wondering, why should I install a third-party tool to analyze hard disk storage. Here are some reasons why you should have a storage analyzer tool on your Windows PC – 

  • Zero-in on large files some of which might be those that you don’t use anymore. 
  • Uncover hidden and temporary files in one go. 
  • Get a breakdown of disk space in the most comprehensive manner. In fact, most hard disk space analyzer tools go to the granular level of enlisting space distribution by file type. 
  • Talking of going to the granular level, you can apply filters – date modified, file size, file type, etc and many advanced filters to zero in on file and folder-related data. 
  • Spot duplicate files apart from large files. 
  • The best disk analyzers even let you analyze the disk space of external storage mediums as well as attached network drives. 
  • Once you have a breakdown of disk storage, you can move, copy, or delete files and folders.

Best Disk Analyzer Software For Windows 11/10 Computer

1. Disk Analyzer Pro

Disk Analyzer Pro

The reason why we have put Disk Analyzer Pro on the top of our list of best disk analyzers is because it is simple and does what its name suggests. It scans your hard disk and sorts all your files and folders into categories. It then comprehensively shows you exactly what space is taken by what kind of file. You can then take actions – copy, move, compress or even delete them right from the interface itself. 

Notable Features

  • Delete temporary and useless files. 
  • Comprehensive reports on disk consumption. 
  • Identify large, unwanted, and outdated files. 
  • Export disk space reports to external file formats.
  • Multiple categories to organize files. 

  • Simple interface. 
  • You can even locate duplicate files. 
  • Specify your own search criteria when looking for unwanted files. 
  • Locate the oldest files and biggest folders.

  • For full features you need to purchase the license. 

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $39.95/ year

2. WinDirStat


It is a simple yet efficient disk space analyzer for Windows that shows information about your hard disk space. Not just that it also doubles up as a cleanup tool that also removes junk files and cached data from your computer thereby helping you free up precious storage space on your PC. 

Notable Features

  • 3 views – Directory tree, Treemap, and Extension list. 
  • Inbuilt cleanup actions to open, delete, and show properties. 
  • Remove junk files and cached data.
  • Command line cleanup actions are available.
  • Ability to scan all types of drivers – internal, external and even individual folders as well.

  • Each extension gets its own color on the graphical map. 
  • User-created cleanup jobs.
  • You can send reports via email.
  • A portable version is available.

  • Scans are sometimes slow. 

Pricing – Free and open source

Download Here

3. DiskSavvy


DiskSavvy is one of the best disk usage analyzers for Windows that helps analyze disk space across disks, NAS devices, network shares, and even enterprise storage systems. It comes with various file classification capabilities that help you gain in-depth visibility on how disk space is used, how file management operations are performed, etc. 

Notable Features

  • Can operate within File Explorer. 
  • You can export results in a report file. 
  • Get disk space usage per extension in a graphical format. 
  • Filter files by file type, size, extension, creation time, user name, etc. 
  • You can automate DiskSavvy Server disk space analysis operations using the DiskSavvy command line utility.

  • Regularly updated with new features. 
  • Inbuilt file classification capabilities. 
  • Get disk space usage details in all network shares of one or more servers. 
  • Offers “Wizard” for a more guided approach. 

  • 500,000 file display limit in the free version. 

Pricing – Free trial available. The price for the Pro variant starts at $50.

Download Here

4. SpaceSniffer


SpaceSniffer is an open-source and free disk space analyzer for Windows 11/10 that gives you an insight into how files and folders are structured on the various disks of your Windows PC. It uses a Treemap visualization layout that gives you an instant view of where big files and folders are kept on PC. 

Notable Features

  • Multiple views for different media. 
  • Zoomable elements, just like a web browser.
  • You can restrict view content by typing simple filtering criteria.
  • Export module to help produce customizable textual reports. 
  • Customizable in colors, geometry, and behaviors. 

  • Smart caching engine permits navigation even while the scanning is in process.
  • You can open more views on the same disk with different filters, and navigation paths.
  • Registry friendly; Only plain XML configuration file.
  • Portable software; can be saved as an executable file and run without installation. 

  • Treemaps can be confusing for some. 

Pricing – Free and open source software

Download Here

5. TreeSize


TreeSize is a file size analyzer analyzer and manager software for Windows 11/10 PCs. It comes with various customizable file search options. Apart from that it also comes with various reporting possibilities as well as exporting functionalities. It is especially helpful if you have accumulated a lot of large unwanted files and wish to get rid of them. 

Notable Features

  • Filter scans according to various criteria.
  • Conduct file searches, find duplicate files, and deduplicate the computer. For more advanced duplicate file removers, check out this post.
  • Watch file, folder, and subfolder details in column and tree view. 
  • Automate workflow via command line support.

  • Find large folders and subfolders in Windows Explorer like tree view. 
  • Can be integrated in the Windows Explorer context menu. 
  • Get rid of unwanted files from within the software. 
  • A 3D Treemap chart view is also available. 

  • The filter feature is sometimes not helpful. Some features are available only in the paid version. 

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $28.95

Download Here

6. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer

While not a dedicated hard disk space analyzer, Advanced System Optimizer does a decent job at telling you how much space is occupied by contents in your PC. It has a neat and clean interface and even someone new to the software can easily go to the granular level and see how much space files are taking up.

Notable Features

  • In a drive you can see which files and folders are taking up valuable space. 
  • Check the top 100 files. 
  • You can open, cut, copy, delete, rename, and perform other operations right from the software itself. 
  • Availability of various filters to narrow down on what’s taking up disk space. 

  • Check when the files were accessed/ This way you can zero down on least used files. 
  • Initially, you can see the files and folders in the form of a comprehensive pie chart. 
  • Customizable interface; You can remove elements that you don’t want to appear. 

  • Scanning may take some time.

Pricing –  Free trial available. Pricing starts at $49.95

7. MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard

While not exactly a drive space analyzer for Windows, the capability of storage or space analyzer can be embedded in MiniTool Partition Wizard. The functionality as both a means to gauge hard drive space usage as well as disk cleanup. To gather in-depth information on its partition organization capabilities, you can head to this post.

Notable Features

  • Scan storage space taken not just by hard drives as a whole but also by partitions as well.
  • Three ways to view disk space – tree view, folder view, and file view. 
  • Take actions from within the software – open, explore, copy path, delete permanently or delete to recycle bin, etc. 
  • You can also see total space, used space, and free space on the top of the page. 

  • You can easily see the hidden files on your PC. 
  • See how much percent a path/ file/ folder occupies with respect to the drive. 
  • Various file search filters can be used. 

  • Comes as a part of MiniTool Partition Wizard which can be costly. 

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $59

Download Here

8. JDiskReport


Do you aim to manage files and folders to preserve storage space? JDiskReport is a free disk space analyzer you can count on.  Developed by JGoodies, it helps you keep track of how much space is used by various files and folders on your computer. Despite being freeware, you won’t be bugged by unnecessary toolbars and ads.

Notable Features

  • Intractable pie chart that shows data utilization. 
  • Shows the top 50 large files. 
  • See modified time in order to identify files that you don’t use very often.  
  • Various file management options to regain lost disk space.

  • You can see disk space utilization from multiple angles. 
  • The Size tab helps you see how much space files take. 
  • Catch hold of obsolete files.

  • Scanning is slow. 

Pricing – Free

Download Here

9. Disktective


Disktective, is one of the best disk usage analyzers for Windows. It helps trace used space on your PC in the most comprehensive manner possible. Despite being lightweight, it gives you a complete overview of the various directories and subdirectories

Notable Features

  • Different view options. 
  • Can scan external drives for storage as well. 
  • Find out the real size of your directories.
  • Export results to a file. 

  • Portable; you needn’t install the software to run it. 
  • The disk usage of each folder is shown as a pie chart.
  • Easily get distribution space used by both directories and subdirectories.

  • Deleting files directly from software isn’t possible. 

Pricing – Free to use.

Download Here

10. HDGraph


Last but not least, we have HDGraph that doesn’t just show you what’s taking up space on your computer but also helps you find the largest files as well. The best part? It is free and lightweight and doesn’t take much of your computer’s valuable resources. 

Notable Features

  • Data are shown in the form of a circular ring-based chart. 
  • Double-click on each section of the chart to investigate. 
  • Shows folders present in hard drives, network folders, USB drives, etc.
  • Exclude folders to appear in the report list. 

  • Chart is highly customizable.
  • Open directories in Windows Explorer right from within the software. 
  • Choose to delete directories right from within the software.

  • Hasn’t been updated in a while.

Pricing – Free

Download Here

Time To Say Goodbye To Storage Woes

If your digital space feels like a cluttered maze, a disk space analyzer for Windows is your guiding light. These tools not only unveil the hidden culprits hogging your storage but simplify the task of managing and deleting files. Imagine effortlessly spotting and removing large, obsolete, or duplicate files, gaining valuable insights into your disk space distribution. In a world where every byte matters, these analyzers empower you to reclaim control, ensuring your PC storage is optimized and clutter-free. Choose wisely, and let digital order reign!

If you found value in what you read, do let us know in the comments section below. And, if your favorite tool didn’t make it to the list, drop that in the suggestion as well. For more such content, keep reading Top10PCSoftware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I analyze disk space?

One way to analyze disk space is to use the inbuilt Disk Management capability. However, if you want to go down to a more granular level, a disk usage analyzer for Windows can be of great help. We have enlisted some of the best disk space analyzers with which you can ascertain how much space is taken up by each file, folder, directory or other elements. 

Q2. Is disk space analyzer safe?

The software that we have listed above are safe to use. None of the above software was flagged off as malware. 

Q3. What is the best app to see what’s taking up space?

While we have compiled a list of some of the best disk usage analyzers for Windows 11/10 PC, Disk Space Analyzers tops the list for its effectiveness and simplicity. The tool shows you what’s taking up space on your PC at a glance. 

Q4. What program lets you visualize disk space?

Disk Analyzer Pro is one of the best disk space analyzers that doesn’t just show you how much disk space is used but also lets you identify large files. Similarly, software like Disk Analyzer Pro and DiskSavvy also let you apply filters with which you can filter files by type, size, extension and other criteria. 

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