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Ashampoo WinOptimizer Review – PC Cleaning Software

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is one of the best cleaners available. It doubles up as an optimizer which fixes several issues in your Windows system. It helps you get to the root of the issue because of which your PC might be acting up.


Starts from$ 49.99 per year
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Ashampoo WinOptimizer Introduction

For a PC to run smoothly, it is indeed imperative that it is well optimized. This further means that it has all the settings and processes in place, has no junk files looming around, and unwanted registries interfering with the overall performance. That’s not just it; there are various other tweaks that need to be performed, such as fixing any security issues.

Now, dealing with many such issues on your own or even with Windows inbuilt tools might not just be sufficient enough, and that’s where you need to take the help of dedicated PC Optimization tools. One of the greatest tools is Ashampoo WinOptimizer which is one of the greatest PC Optimization tools available.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is one of the best PC Optimization tools that clean, accelerate and fix your Windows 10 PC. It also helps cement your system’s security and privacy. Now, since files and other data are a crucial part of your computer, WinOptimizer has modules that let you safely encrypt, recover, and delete files if needed.

Here we shall try to go into the depth of each of its features, and have a look at some of the results so that we can know if it is right to bring this tool aboard.

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WinOptimizer Review: A Brief Overview


  • Browser history removal
  • Detect & Remove Infections
  • File Encryptor
  • Malware Removal
  • Prevent Data Loss
  • Prevent Identity Theft
  • Private docs disposal


  • Bloatware
  • Cache
  • Disk Cleaning
  • Old backups
  • Temporary Files
  • Unused applications and unnecessary software
  • Unwanted Registry

Windows Optimization

  • Automatic Cleaning and updation
  • Backup and Restore
  • Driver Updater
  • Game optimizer
  • Memory optimizer
  • Registry optimization
  • Sleep Mode
  • Software Updater
  • System Crash prevention
  • System slowdown prevention

Customer Support

  • Email Support
  • Knowledge Base
  • Live Chat Support
  • Telephone Support
  • User Forum

Top 5 Alternative of Ashampoo WinOptimizer PC Cleaner

  • 1
    • Clean and optimize Windows PC
    • Removal of privacy traces
    • Fix common computer issues
    • Clean and optimize registry
    • Update drivers
    • Get rid of malware and privacy traces
  • $49.95 / year
  • 2
    • Complete PC health checkup
    • Remove internet trackers
    • Apps constantly updated
    • Application prompts you when you are running out of space
    • Customizable settings
  • $24.95 / year Download Here
  • 3
    • Optimize PC performance amidst high demand apps
    • Prevent system crashes
    • Remove unwanted startup programs
    • Shred personal files and folders completely
    • 1-click interface
  • $39.99 / year Download Here
  • 4
    • Clean all kinds of junk files
    • Detect and remove malware
    • Remove of identity traces online
    • Fix registry issues
    • Removal of large files
  • $49.95 / year
  • 5
    • Encrypt, delete and recover files with ease
    • Get rid of unnecessary services on PC
    • Improve PC security
    • 1-click system maintenance
    • Fix registry issues
  • $49.99 / year Download Here

Factors Used In The Rating Of Ashampoo WinOptimizer


80% - Excellent
Ashampoo WinOptimizer Interfacce

To begin with, the interface is quite attractive and well segregated. It is divided into four parts, namely – Junk data, system, Privacy and Performance. We shall get into the depth of these features a little later. As for the interface, it’s a simple yet very decent and a clean interface. Most of the components are self-explanatory about what they do.

Here’s what might be a little time consuming and a little confusing too. Unlike many other PC Optimization software that tell you what each button does as soon as you hover the mouse over. Here, you will have to click through each of the icons to understand what they are there for. Apart from that, it is pretty much a one-click affair.  In fact, it is one of those software that enlists all the issues on the dashboard itself, and you know where you are supposed to take actions


90% - Excellent

When we say that WinOptimizer is a complete optimization tool for your PC, we have its features substantiating our claim. It takes a 360° approach to optimize your Windows PC. It starts with system maintenance where drives are scanned for junk files, unnecessary registry items are fixed, and web browsing traces are removed.

It’s not just system cleansing that WinOptimizer takes care of; it performs various operations to manage and optimize Windows services, processes, applications and the web so that the PC can give its peak performance.

WinOptimizer also does a great job in making you aware of everything that’s happening in your system. It has an inbuilt analyzer that displays your system’s information, benchmarks and resources at a glance. Plus, it even tells you about how healthy your hard disk is.

1. Maintain System

Maintain system with winoptimizer

If your PC’s is filled with unwanted junk in the form of temporary files, browsing traces from the internet, unwanted registries then this module will come in extremely handy. Here you can choose to delete temporary files, and unwanted registries in one click or you can visit, and clean drives, registries or web browsing traces separately.

To delete temporary files and unwanted registries, there is a one-click optimizer whereas there are separate modules for freeing space on drives, optimizing registries or cleaning web browsing traces.

2. Improve Performance

Improve performance with winoptimizer

Here, you can optimize and manage the various processes and services to improve the performance of your PC. You can also uninstall applications which could be hindering the performance of your PC. 

3. Customize Windows

Customize Windows

This module helps you customize the various Windows settings. You can manage different system settings, control how Windows collects telemetry data, edit program shortcuts and icons and even configure menus that appear when you right-click. And, this is not just for one program but for all the programs.

4. Analyze System

Analyze system

This tool analyses your system and gives you the performance status as per the common standards applicable to your system. It does this by running several benchmarks for your system, HDD and even helps you select fonts that go rightly with your system.

5. File Tools

File tools in win optimizer

6. Backups

File management is yet another which is offered by WinOptimizer and not by many other PC Optimization tools for Windows. First and foremost you can permanently delete files individually or from folders available on your PC. Not just that, you can add free disc space from any of the drives available on your PC. But, you need to be careful that once you click the ‘wipe data’ option, these files and folders will permanently be deleted from the system and you won’t be able to retrieve them back. 


One of the highlights of WinOptimizer is that you can create and restore backups of settings, files and folders. And, not just that you can even choose to delete old or obsolete backups. Backups are stored in a specified folder.

Backups stored in designated folders can be useful in a situation when you have to restore a backup, and you are figuring out which one of the following backups is the latest.

7. Statistics


Through stats, you get to know about the various scans that have been performed by WinOptimizer and the entries that have been deleted so far. These include scans performed on registries, database entries, backup files and other files and folders. You can also keep track of the number of backups created.


90% - Excellent

You get access to most of the features in the free version itself, which is a great thing. This allows you  to analyse the software completely and decide whether or not you actually want to go for the purchase.

Even if you have to pay the price, you shouldn’t get disappointed as WinOptimizer is one of the cheapest PC Optimization tools available. The full version starts at $ 29.99 Yearly, which is quite low as compared to many other PC Optimization tools.


75% - Decent

It takes a few seconds for the results to appear. If it takes some time to scan the results, it makes sure that when they are fixed, they improve the performance of your PC.

Customer Support

85% - Very Good

Should you face any issues regarding the product, WinOptimizer provides great customer support.

You can easily get your issues resolved by going through the FAQs, which contain precise information on charges, subscription, and license-related queries. There is a separate section for those who have queries pertaining to activation code or who have issues finding the download link of the purchased product.

Even then if you haven’t had your queries resolved, you can always reach out to the technical support team which promptly replies to your queries. You can have your queries resolved via emails or via telephone.

Final Verdict

All in all, WinOptimizer is a great tool to clean and optimize the performance of your PC. Though there were instances when we had to click on the ‘optimize now’ button a couple or more times to get rid of issues apart from that, we didn’t face any major issues.

One of the best things about the tool is that, if it asks you to optimize a software or application, it even has preexisting ratings for the same. This way you can judge the credibility of the application beforehand. Or, you can even give a rating based on your experience

Even though it takes sometimes to fix the issues completely, we have to say that the results are worth the wait. Also, for the price which is one of the lowest, you can probably not get a better deal. 

Now, dealing with many such issues on your own or even with Windows inbuilt tools might not just be sufficient enough, and that’s where you need to take help of a dedicated PC Optimization tools

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