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NordPass Review 2024: Is It Trustworthy?

If you have been contemplating whether to download NordPass for Windows or not, we can help you. In this NordPass review article we have covered all of its features and mentioned the pricing plans. 


Starts from$ 4.99per month
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What is NordPass?

NordPass is probably the most secure, easy to use and feature rich password manager developed by the industry leading security experts NordVPN. You can safely store and access all your online login credentials. It can include your credit card details along with personal information and confidential documents in a vault with one strong single password to access. The next time you have to login it will autofill all the credentials for you and also auto syncs between all your devices. 

Its advanced encryption algorithms protect all your stored login details and personal data from various malicious threats. NordPass also offers many other helpful attributes which will keep your passwords and other credentials safe. NordPass features such as Password generator, Data breach scanner, password health monitor, Auto Sync and secure sharing options. 


  • Interface is smooth and elegant.
  • Multiple Web form filling capability.
  • Data breach scanner.
  • Provides password health report.
  • Solid password generator.
  • Securely share any of the items you’ve stored in your vault


  • Poor tech support.
  • Pricier than other apps for passwords


85% - Very Good

Nordpass Review

Once you open the main interface, you will easily locate all the necessary tools. NordPass Manager comes with a user-oriented design which lets you look at various aspects of password management. Password Generator, Password Health, Data Breach Scanner and Emergency Access are placed in the left pane. The Top includes the Account Settings and different categories to locate the passwords easily. 


80% - Good

1. Easily Save Information & Import Passwords – 

Nordpass Review

It is a hassle-free password manager which prompts you to save your passwords and other personal information each time you login or create a new online account. NordPass also auto-detects passwords stored in your browsers and imports them or you can upload the same with a CSV file. 

2. Autofill & Auto Sync – 

You don’t need to enter your login credentials each time you have to access, NordPass will autofill all the login credentials and other stored personal information including credit card details for you. Better yet NordPass Auto Syncs your passwords across all devices like Computers, Tablets and Phones for easy access.  

3. Safe Personal Vaults – 

It provides highly secure personal vaults to safely store passwords and other personal information such as credit cards, notes, bank info etc. It also enables safe access to your personal vaults with unique authentication which is encrypted. 

4. Advanced XChaCha20 Encryption Algorithms – 

For complete security and protection from various malicious attacks all your passwords and personal data are automatically encrypted with advanced XChaCha20 encryption algorithm and securely stored. 

5. Zero-Knowledge Architecture – 

Its zero-knowledge architecture provides excellent privacy and safety features enabling only you to access your encrypted vault and no one else from NordPass has access. 

6. Multi-factor Authentication – 

To add an extra layer for protection for your personal vault, you can set up Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) or use a Bluetooth device or USB stick or add an OTP generator. 

7. Advanced Password Generator – 

Nordpass Review

You can protect your online accounts from online threats with complex and unique passwords from its advanced password generator. 

8. Data Breach Scanner & Password Health Monitor – 


NordPass constantly scans for any sensitive data breach or leak and notifies for any potential threats for accounts immediately to take actions. And constantly monitors for weak or vulnerable passwords through its Password Health tool. 

9. Secure Password Sharing Options – 

You can swiftly and securely share work-related passwords, payment information and Wi-Fi-access with others over an encrypted channel. 

10. Easy To Sync with all Platforms – 

NordPass is currently available for all platforms and devices including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. It is available for Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge


80% - Good

Nordpass Review

Within the NordPass Windows application you can find the Check for Updates button. Head to Settings from the left pane and on the right, you will see the bottom which will help you keep track of any pending updates. NordPass sends you emails and notifications regarding updates on a regular basis.


75% - Good

For NordPass Premium review, we looked thoroughly into NordPass pricing plans, here is the overview. No credit card information is required for NordPass free for a 30-days premium trial. The NordPass Premium account for 1 year comes at the monthly subscription plan at the price of $1.99 per month. If you want a family plan which can include more devices go for the NordPass Family subscription plan. It includes six Premium accounts and costs $3.69 per month for the one-year plan.

Nordpass Review

However, you can also look for a better deal with the 2-year plan. It is a $1.69 per month subscription plan for one NordPass Premium account & $2.79 for NordPass Family subscription plan. Additionally, you can also opt for a one-month plan for short term usage. NordPass Premium for one-month costs $4.99 and NordPass Family for one-month costs $6.99.

For Business users, there is a lucrative deal as well which costs $3.99 per month per user for one year subscription. It can accommodate up to 250 users in the plan and comes with additional benefits. For customized plans go for Enterprise and contact sales for more information.


75% - Good

We tested NordPass Manager on Windows 10 (64 bit) and it does not show any signs of lagging. The passwords can be fetched pretty easily as the user interface is comfortably equipped with simple features. 

Customer Support

80% - Good


You can also reach out to the customer support from the NordPass on Windows. There are a number of solutions available along with the Help with FAQs and Email to write to them directly. You can also reach them from this official Contact Us page.

How To Use NordPass?

Step 1: Download NordPass for Windows using the download button given below or visit here

Step 2: Once the download is complete, run the executable file and install NordPass on your computer. Follow the instructions and you will be able to launch the application on your computer. 

First you will be asked to login to your Nord account, if you don’t have one, create and login. 

Step 3: Next, it will ask you to create a Master password for the application.

Nordpass Review

Once you enter the password, it will ask you to verify it by entering it again and thereafter launch the NordPass Manager. 

Step 4: The NordPass features can be easily seen on the home screen. But we begin with NordPass importing passwords to store them in the desktop application. Click on the Import Password button on the Create first password tab.

Nordpass Review

Step 5: Once you have opened the page, click on the specific browser to import the saved passwords.

import from mozilla firefox

Step 6: Now, to import passwords from the selected browser, upload the .csv file. If you don’t have a file ready, go to the link given in the column and follow the steps to download the .csv file with all the saved passwords.

Nordpass Review

Step 7: To use the passwords later on you can easily enter the NordPass application and find any of the saved passwords. 

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. Is NordPass password manager free?

NordPass is available for. But you can download NordPass for Windows for free in the Trial version for 30 days.

Q2. Is NordPass safer than Google?

While Google is more popular, its password manager does not have much of an approach yet. NordPass can be trusted with the safety measures as it can also alert you of any Data breaches with dedicated tools.

Q3. Can NordPass be hacked?

NordPass uses strong encryption and is deemed to be safe. But, with the advanced cybercrime activities, nothing can be said to be 100% safe.

Q4. Is NordPass better than 1Password?

NordPass is relatively new but when compared to 1Password you can certainly find multiple additions. It can be a good choice for the people who work on cross-platform & help in managing the passwords in place.

Verdict –

NordPass comes with additional features and benefits which can be combined with its other services. You can get combo deals for NordVPN, NordPass & NordLocker which are of great use. We really liked the option to try out the NordPass Premium for this review with the 30 days free trial which gives complete insight on the password manager app. Finally, we would like to recommend NordPass as a safe and trustworthy desktop application. 

Meanwhile, while you are looking for a password manager take a look at TweakPass review. If you liked what you read, give this post a thumbs up and for more such content, stay tuned to Top10PCSoftware. Also, follow us on social media platforms for the latest updates for Windows software. We are on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Flipboard.

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