10 Best Free Microsoft Phone Link Alternatives for PC

Microsoft Phone Link Alternatives for PC

Phone Link isn’t the only app on Windows that lets you make calls, manage notifications, transfer files, or even control apps. Here are some alternatives that you can try.

Phone Link (formerly ‘Your Phone’) is a syncing software developed by Microsoft. It lets you connect your Windows desktop or laptop to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Once you link your device you can perform a number of useful actions on your computer. However, it comes with its share of limitations and you may look for a Phone Link alternative. Before we have a look at the alternatives to Phone Link, take a look at its features –

What’s Phone Link Capable Of?

  • View your Android or iOS messages on your Windows computer and even reply to them.
  • View notifications from Messenger, WhatsApp, etc on your PC.
  • Receive and make calls.
  • Access apps on your mobile device.
  • Receive phone notifications on your PC.
  • Copy and paste content from your phone to your PC and vice versa.

Limitations of Microsoft Phone Link

  • On some smartphone models configuring Phone Link may create issues.
  • PhoneLink won’t show messages if your iPhone’s messages settings are set to not show previews.
  • No support for certain file formats.
  • You may sometimes face difficulties when trying to make or receive calls via PC.

In either case, if you are looking for a more feature-rich alternative, here are some options you can consider –

Best Microsoft Phone Link Alternatives

1. AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast

As one of the best Phone Link alternatives, AirDroid cast lets you mirror your Android or iOS smartphone onto your Windows computer. The reason why we have included it on the list is because the setup is fast and there are hardly any latency issues. You can cast your smartphone to your PC both wirelessly or with the help of a USB cable.


  • Share screen (Android only) even when it’s off (via USB).
  • Make phone calls or receive calls from your PC.
  • Cast 5 devices on your computer simultaneously.
  • Control mobile devices on the computer.
  • Connect wirelessly, via a USB or Airplay.

  • Connect in any network condition with minimal to low latency.
  • Manage phone notifications from your computer.
  • Screen mirror smartphone to PC without rooting.
  • Mirror devices’ audio and microphone sound.

  • Occasional lags.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $2.50/ month

Download Here

2. Intel Unison

Intel Unison

Intel Unison is one of the highest-rated Phone Link alternatives for Windows 11/10 on the Microsoft Store. It lets you connect your computer with your Android or iOS smartphone. It does everything that Phone Link does for you, you can view and manage your photo gallery, transfer files between your phone and computer, control your phone with a PC, and much more.

Notable Features

  • Send, receive, and reply to messages.
  • Make and receive calls directly from your computer.
  • Manage phone notifications right from your computer.
  • Transfer files to and fro from your PC and smartphone.
  • Manage downloads right from the interface.

  • One-time quick pairing.
  • Preview photos and videos from your smartphone or a larger PC screen.
  • Supports Dark Mode.
  • Make your smartphone or tablet a second screen in addition to your PC screen.

  • Sometimes creates issues when pairing devices.

Pricing – Free

Download Here

3. Pushbullet


Pushbullet is a free Phone Link alternative that lets you connect your Android or iOS smartphone to your PC. Once you have established the connection, you can manage your mobile’s notifications, texts, phone calls, and much more. It also lets you instantly share links between any of your devices and eliminates the need to send links in emails.

Notable Features

  • Send and receive texts on your computer.
  • Share links between devices.
  • Transfer files between PC and smartphone seamlessly.
  • Add multiple devices.
  • Manage smartphone notifications from WhatsApp, phone calls, etc.

  • Easy setting up the phone; no root required.
  • Dismiss notifications from your computer.
  • The channel feature lets you subscribe to important channels.
  • Available both as a software as well as online.

  • You can only manage Android phones on a Windows computer.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $4.99/ month

Download Here

 4. KDE Connect

KDE Connect

KDE Connect is a robust replacement for Phone Link. It offers seamless connectivity between your desktop and smartphone. One of the best aspects of KDE Connect is that it is a free and open-source alternative to Phone Link. It offers a two-way communication feature, where you can manage your smartphone (iOS/ Android) from your PC and vice-versa.

Notable Features

  • Ring your phone through the PC to find out where it is.
  • Check the battery level of the phone from the desktop.
  • Send SMSs from your desktop.
  • Transfer files between phone and PC and vice versa.
  • Check the phone’s signal strength right from your PC.

  • Control the volume of your phone.
  • Lock your computer remotely.
  • Run commands remotely.
  • Control presentations using your phone.

  • Can’t send multiple files.

Pricing – Free

Download Here

5. AnyDesk


If you wish to remotely access your mobile from your computer, AnyDesk can work as a great Phone Link alternative. It comes packed with robust security measures and it helps in maintaining smooth real-time interactions. It offers a two-way channel with which you can control your mobile from your computer and vice versa.

Notable Features

  • Wake on LAN to turn the device on.
  • Record session.
  • Control permissions for another device you are managing.
  • Transfer files from one device to another.
  • Control audio of another device.

  • You can annotate on screen.
  • Print documents remotely.
  • AES-256 encryption.
  • Fast file transfers.

  • High CPU usage.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $29.90/ month

Download Here

6. ApowerMirror


ApowerMirror is a screen mirroring app that works for both iOS as well as Android devices. With it you can send and receive files, mirror your phone onto your computer or even mirror PC to phone using the Aircast feature. Using the same feature you can share the screen from one device to another even if you are not on the same network.

Notable Features

  • Mirror 4 devices at the same time.
  • Enjoy video and gameplay on a bigger screen.
  • Record smartphone screen from PC.
  • Control phone from PC.

  • Connect the smartphone to PC with USB or wirelessly.
  • With this app, you can play mobile games on a PC without the need for an
  • Annotate on smartphone screen from PC.

  • Limited feature set as compared to some other options. For instance, you can’t make calls.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $29.9/ month

Download Here

7. Wondershare Dr.Fone

Wondershare Dr.Fone

We have already mentioned Wondershare Dr.Fone as one of the best Android phone data recovery software. It also lets you mirror your Android or iOS device onto a Windows PC. It can also be used to mirror Android or iOS smartphones on the PC. For this, you will need to use the Dr.Fone Air web platform as well as the Dr.Fone Link Android or iOS app. We’d like to mention that this app can be helpful if your aim is to view smartphone content on a bigger screen.

Notable Features

  • Mirror phone to PC over the web.
  • Record smartphone screen from the web.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Rotate the smartphone screen and see the content in a bigger form.

  • Maximize and minimize smartphone screen.
  • One-click disconnect.
  • Listen to smartphone sound on your PC as well.

  • Forming a connection between phone and PC takes time.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $29.95/ month

Visit Here

8. LocalSend


LocalSend is a free and open-source platform that allows you to share files with nearby devices securely using a Wi-Fi network. The communication between connected devices is protected by end-to-end encryption. It works in unison with the OS platform app (Android, iOS, or other). The setup or rather connecting two devices is faster as compared to some other Phone Link alternatives.

Notable Features

  • Send and receive files and folders between two devices.
  • Save to history feature.
  • Send and receive texts.
  • Make the server go online or offline.

  • Supports multiple languages.
  • You can share files without the need for a central server.
  • Receivers who don’t have LocalSend can download the selected files by opening the link.

  • Can’t receive or make calls.

Pricing – Free and open source

Download Here

9. AirMore


AirMore is a platform that lets you connect your Windows computer with your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Here you need an active internet connection so that you can connect the device wirelessly. Once connected you can sync files, play media, uninstall/ install apps, and do so much more.

Notable Features

  • Wirelessly connected devices with computers.
  • Sync files like videos, music, contacts, documents, and more.
  • Play music or videos from the phone onto the web.
  • Install/ uninstall apps.

  • Transfer files between PC and phone and vice versa.
  • Mirror phone on the web.
  • Automatic classification for easy search.

  • You need an active web connection.
  • App is available on iOS.

Pricing – Free

Download Here

10. MightyText


MightyText may not be as feature-rich as many other apps on the list but it lets you manage phone call notifications, messages, and even notifications from other platforms such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram. It also facilitates 1-click photo sharing and syncing whereby you can store photos and videos from your phone to your PC.

Notable Features

  • Schedule messages.
  • Receiver phone battery alerts on your computer.
  • Carry multiple communications simultaneously.
  • Reply to text using PC.

  • Get call notifications on PC.
  • Choose from over 16 themes.
  • Build on several templates when you have to send the same message.

  • Can’t send files from PC to mobile or vice versa.
  • Made to work with Android phones only.

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $7.49/ month

Download Here

Which of These Alternatives Will You Pick?

We are not in any way demeaning the Phone Link app. It is indeed a great asset, especially in a scenario when you have to manage your phone’s notifications, and calls, transfer files, and so much more, without lifting your mobile. However, if you are looking for better options, to control the audio of your phone, mirror your phone better on a PC, better security, you can try out the above-mentioned options.

Do let us know in the comments which one of the above Microsoft Phone Link alternatives will you choose. Already have a favorite, do share it with us in the comments section below. For more such content, keep reading Top10PCSoftware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there an alternative to Phone Link?

Yes, there are some great alternatives to Phone Link. In the above list, we have mentioned apps like AirDroid cast, Intel Unison, and many others. With these you can manage your Android or iOS smartphone with your PC, transfer files, mirror your phone on your computer, and do so much more.

Q2. Is the Phone Link Free?

Yes, Phone Link is a free app for Windows users. It comes pre-installed into the Windows computer and requires a user to connect their Android or IOS smartphone after which they can manage the connected device right from their computer.

Q3. Does the Phone Link need the Internet?

Yes, the Phone Link needs an active internet connection. Your PC should be running Windows (May 2019 or later update) and both devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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