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Driver Booster Pro

Starts from $39.95 per year

IObit Driver Booster Pro: Is It The Best Driver Updater?

Are you looking for a good driver updater for your Windows PC? Well, your search ends here as we will tell you all about IObit Driver Booster in this blog post. Driver Booster is one of the most popular driver updater software used on Windows. Learn about its features and specifications along with its functionality in this Driver Booster review. Find out if it’s the one for you or not.

Driver Booster Pro

Starts from$ 39.95 per year
Free Trial


One of the best driver updaters for Windows PC  as it comes with both free and paid versions. So gives the users more options on choosing between buying. The Windows PC users always suffer from system errors generated due to corrupt or outdated device drivers. This application from IObit will help you fix them and improve the performance of your computer simultaneously. This allows you to update drivers from its large database of drivers which is more than 8,000,000 in number for various devices. It can smoothly give a boost to your system by updating the drivers and reducing system errors.

As we tried and tested this product we found out that it is capable of showing us results for various gaming drivers as well. Which is significant as it wasn’t available in other driver updater scan results. This deems it as a good option for those who love to play games on their PC. As it comes with gaming drivers updates as well which will help you update the gaming components quickly.

iobit driver booster pro

Reasons To Choose Driver Booster

  • Database of 8 million+ drivers
  • Automatic updates
  • Secure and reliable
  • One-click solution
  • Easy navigation
  • Update gaming drivers
  • Free version available
  • 60 days Money back guarantee
  • User friendly

Scan Types

  • Automatic Scan
  • Manual Scan


  • Outdated Drivers
  • Programs

Scheduled Scan

  • Schedule Daily
  • Schedule Monthly
  • Schedule Weekly


  • Backup drivers


  • Rollback Drivers

Exclusion List

  • Ignore List

Customer Support

  • Email Support
  • Phone Support

Technical Specifications-

  • Current Version– Updated on October 29, 2021

System Requirements-

  • Operating System – Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows XP.
  • 1 GB of free disk space mainly for driver download and installation
  • 1024*768 screen resolution and above.
  • No additional requirements


90% - Excellent

IObit Driver Booster has an aesthetically powerful colored theme on its application. It comes with an interesting interface that allows users to navigate through easily. You can see the multicolor options for the skin. You need to open the Menu bar and click on the Skin options.

IObit Driver Booster colored theme

You can find it easier to Scan the system as it is placed on the home screen. Other options can be seen on the side panel. By clicking on the Menu bar you will be able to go through the Settings and other options such as Check for updates, User Manual, Technical Support, Driver Update History, and About.


90% - Excellent

1. Ignore List –

Ignore List in driver booster

Adding a device driver to the ignore list to keep it from updating is required in some cases. As the latest version might not be compatible with the operating system or due to some other. You can always click on the device driver from the scan result and add it to the Ignore list. To change on the Ignore List, go to the Menu bar> Settings> Ignored. Select the items and click on Recover.

Moreover, it gives you the option to ignore the current update or for all future updates.

2. Silent Mode –

silent mode in driver booster

This is a unique feature from Driver Booster as it will help you give an experience of no interruptions while you are working on something important. You can turn this mode on and it sends you minimum notifications while updating drivers in the background.

3. Scheduler –

Scheduler in driver booster

This will help you to schedule the updates on the computer for your drivers. It can be set to daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. You can see the automatically update drivers while the system is an idle option marked on default.

4. Driver Backup –

Driver Backup

It gives you the option to take a backup of the driver before updating it and you can set where you want to save the folder. It also lets you set the number of backup versions for driver backup. There are many automatic backup options available for the device drivers.

automatic backup options

Under the Tools section, you can find the Backup & Restore button. In this feature, you can easily see the list of Driver Backup to help you take backup. To go through the Driver Restore options from other tabs on this section.

5. Tools –

Under the Tools section, you will find multiple fixes for the system errors such as no sound, display, network device error. Also, the button for Back and Restore for the device drivers are placed here.

Tools of driver booster

6. System Information –

System Information

Under the Tools section, you can find the button for System Information. When you click on it, you will get complete information about your device. It is useful in case you want to know any of the information on the operating system, processor & motherboard, memory device, display, network, and other devices. As we ran the product and found out this tool, we were able to locate the drivers easily for the system with much-needed information. This is an impressive feature by IObit Driver Booster to help the users.

Other utilities are also mentioned on the tool and available as a separate application which can be downloaded directly from there. These mainly include – System booster, Game booster, and Driver Booster Offline which is a new product.


90% - Excellent

Driver Booster gets enough notifications to let you know when there is a new version available. You can click on the pop-up message to download the latest updates. Otherwise, launch the application and go to the Menu bar and click on Check for Updates. It is regularly updated and you can see all the updates in the What’s New section with the latest versions and the updated points.

Check for Updates


85% - Very Good

IObit offers two kinds of products in the name of driver updater- Driver Booster Free & Driver Booster Pro. Driver Booster Free can be downloaded from the official website and comes at no hidden cost. However, it will have the limitations of updating drivers on your computer. The paid version named Driver Booster Pro comes for $39.95 which can be purchased at discounted offers at the current running offer on the official website. It harbors more features than the free version. Driver Booster Pro also offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee. So that will be enough time for you to make a good judgment for your usage.

Driver Booster price
Driver Booster Free
  • 1 PC, Limited features
Driver Booster Pro
  • 1 PC, Fully featured
Driver Booster Pro
  • 3 PCs, Fully featured

Driver Booster Pro

Starts from$ 39.95 per year
Free Trial

You can check out the website for the ongoing offers to avail of the product at discounted prices.


90% - Excellent

Driver Booster is working at a good speed and must be applauded for that. It can easily scan the computer and show results for the outdated drivers very quickly. Moreover, the IObit Driver Booster Pro also updates the drivers at a fast speed

Customer Support

70% - Good

Driver Booster comes from the software developer IObit which is a popular brand. It offers you a good customer experience and support in the form of FAQs, product information on the official website. However, the support for the free products is available as a request form. The customers with a paid version of the products get premium customer support as a treat.

Customer Support of driver booster

How To Install IObit Driver Booster?

Let’s learn about the Driver Booster Setup on your computer. Driver Booster download for PC is in the following manner –

Step 1: Click on the Driver Booster download button given below –

Driver Booster Pro

Starts from$ 39.95 per year
Free Trial

Or Go to the official website – and click on the Driver Booster Download link.

Step 2: Double click on the downloaded setup file. It will open a new tab and you can start the installation.

install driver booster pro

Note: Here by default the top VPN Free application will get installed along with it as it is checked on the bottom of the page. If you do not want this, unmark it and then go ahead.

Step 3: Click on the Install button and you will see the next page for more products skip it and the installation begins.

page for more products

Step 4: Once the installation is complete, it will show up a screen to subscribe to the Newsletter to get updates, you can enter the email address or skip it. Next, you will see the Installation complete screen along with the Scan Now button. Click on it if you wish to start scanning your computer for outdated devices now.

installation complete

How To Use IObit Driver Booster?

Step 1: Download and install the application as shown in the above section.

Driver Booster Pro

Starts from$ 39.95 per year
Free Trial

Step 2: Once you are done with those steps. Begin with the Scan Now button as you can see upon the complete installation Or launch Driver Booster on your computer and then click on the Scan button.

launch Driver Booster

Step 3: The scanning is fast and it will show you a result in the form of a list of the outdated drivers found on the computer.

list of the outdated drivers

Step 4: It will then ask you to update the drivers in one click with the update all button.

But if you are using the Driver Booster Free version, it will prompt you to upgrade to avail this feature.

You can upgrade or move forward by updating the device drivers one by one.

With the Driver Booster Free, you will have limited functions as seen in the Advanced Driver Updater free version. Here you need to unmark all the device drivers from the Outdated drivers’ list. Now just mark one or a few of the device drivers at a time and start by clicking on the Update Now button.

updating the display device drivers

Driver Booster will begin downloading and installing the selected device drivers.

downloading device drivers

But the Driver Booster Free can help you in updating a limited number of device drivers on your computer. To update all the drivers at once, upgrade the Driver Booster and get a License Key on your registered email address.

update limited number of device drivers

Go to the Activate now button in the bottom right of the tool and click on it.

activate driver booster pro

Now enter the license key and you can avail all the features of the Driver Booster Pro.

As you can see the name change to Driver Booster Pro on the tool, it also unlocks a number of features for you. The users can enjoy all the features on Driver Booster Pro at a great price. It enables you to easily fix the driver-related issues by one click on the Update Now button to update all the outdated drivers in the list.

fix the driver related issues

As you can see the driver updates will take a few minutes and then you need to restart the computer to apply the changes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What does Driver Booster Pro do?

Driver Booster Pro is driver updating software for Windows PC. It helps the users to keep the computer up to date and run error-free with the help of updating the outdated device drivers. Along with the main functionality of driver update, it also helps in improving the gaming experience by updating the gaming components on PC.

Driver Booster Pro

Starts from$ 39.95 per year
Free Trial

Q2. How much does Driver Booster Pro cost?

Driver Booster for PC comes in two versions – Free and Pro. The Driver Booster Pro will cost $39.95 for the yearly plan for 1 PC with a 60 days money-back guarantee.

Q3. Is Driver Booster malicious?

No, Driver Booster is not malicious software. It is an authenticated application from the software manufacturer IObit which creates several programs for Windows PC. Make sure you always download and make a verified purchase from the official website.

Q4. Is driver booster free?

Yes, you can download IObit Driver Booster from the official website for free. It has the limited features of updating the drivers and a little less than what is included in the premium version of Driver Booster.

Q5. Is driver booster safe?

Yes, Driver Booster is completely safe for you as it can download the latest version of drivers to your device. It also comes with driver backup and restore options to help you in case of any device malfunctions.

Q6. Does driver booster improve performance?

Yes, just like other driver updater tools, this one also helps you to decrease system errors by keeping the device software updated. This results in a smooth-performing computer which is the desired result for any Windows PC user.

Verdict –

Everyone wants to get detailed information on the products they are about to invest in. This Driver Booster review blog discusses the benefits of this driver updater tool for Windows PC. We hope this Driver Booster review will help you in finding out all about the best driver updater software. IObit has some good products to offer and we have to say that Driver Booster is one of them. You can rely on it to update the outdated drivers on your computer. It works well for updating the gaming components as well and proves a good option for the driver updater for PC gamers. Pricewise the features offered are quite worthy and they are capable of updating the drivers smoothly.

We look forward to your comments to know more about your opinion on this blog post. Also if you liked this, we recommend you to check out a similarly good driver updater for Windows PC with extra features – Smart Driver Care. For more such reviews on Windows software, keep visiting Top10PCSoftware. Also, follow us on the social media platforms for the latest updates for Windows software. We are on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Flipboard.

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