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Cyberlink PowerDirector Video Editing Software Complete Review (2024)

PowerDirector for PC is CyberLink’s most famous product. It is a versatile video editing software which can be easily used by professionals to create digital compelling videos using the numerous Pro tools. The range of tools include its own Library of images, transitions, effects, filters and more. Create slideshow, Motion slides, Animated GIFs with ease using the inbuilt tools and edit them according to your needs. The application also gives you an option to customize the print with different profiles and manual changes.

What is CyberLink PowerDirector?

PowerDirector for PC is CyberLink’s most famous product. It is a versatile video editing software which can be easily used by professionals to create digital compelling videos using the numerous Pro tools. The range of tools include its own Library of images, transitions, effects, filters and more. Create slideshow, Motion slides, Animated GIFs with ease using the inbuilt tools and edit them according to your needs. The application also gives you an option to customize the print with different profiles and manual changes.

Powerful rendering is what makes it a promising tool for all the creators who are looking for an efficient way to create new and edit videos. It also allows you to use the cloud storage which helps in exporting the projects and sharing them around other platforms. There are various newly added features which can be found in this PowerDirector app review. First, take a look at the minimum requirements to run this CyberLink video editing software on your computer.


  • Easy to understand interface.
  • Color correction capabilities are at par with the best video editing apps.
  • Preset camera correction capabilities, you can easily change video speed and correct other camera imperfections.
  • Simple tools and engaging effects


  • Premium version is on the expensive end


95% - Excellent

CyberLink PowerDirector interface

CyberLink PowerDirector takes up a full view on your screen and gives the maximum space to the editing space. The Editor tools open up on the left sidebars which keeps your focus on the middle part where you are editing your clips. The bottom control has the timeline, where you can easily add the images, audio and video to create and edit new videos. Along with that you can constantly view the previews at any time.

You get a very simple to use toolbar on the top and the second toolbar on the left which opens up more options. As a newbie, we found it very helpful to navigate through the tool and easy to locate the various editing tools.

95% - Excellent

1. Video Editing Tools –

PowerDirector is filled with the pro tools to edit your video on your computer. The basic cropping, trimming, adding effects, filters, motion, blurring, adding texts, transitions and more. Rectifying the video issues with masking, transparency, custom transitions etc. along with all the necessary tools are available in CyberLink video editing software.

2. AI Object Selection Effects –

The advanced AI tools included in PowerDirector will make your video appear with a new result. The AI effects such as Auro, Electric Shock, Ghost, Motion Trail can be applied quickly to the video clips and create cool effects.

3. NVIDIA Denoise –

NVIDIA Denoise

The PowerDirector tool to denoise an audio or video file is very helpful and can only be found in few of the best video editing software. The editing tool will help you reduce the background noise in the video and audio files.

4. AI Sky Replacement –

AI Sky Replacement

The AI Sky Replacement is a plug-in and can be used to replace the sky and adjust other elements according to the frame. The skyline adjustments & multiple patterns make it look very real and help you make amazing effects.

5. AI Powered Motion Tracking –

A very important feature of PowerDirector which is required to follow the object, effect around the video. This can be utilized in the application by blurring certain objects all around the videos or to display certain texts throughout the video. The AI-based motion tracker can give faster results.

6. AI Object Segmentation –

AI Object Segmentation

Using the green screen within the editing tool helps you create videos without a physical need of a green screen while shooting a video. This can be easily used with the Brush Mask Designer

7. Color Tools –

Color Tools

If you are looking for Color Match options then CyberLink PowerDirector is the best bet. It includes the color match for the lighting and angles for two different video clips and matches with the color tone.

8. Supported File Formats –

For import and export it includes a number of images, video, audio and CLUT file formats. It includes the 2D, 3D, 360° files in MVC, FLV, MOD, MPEG, AVI, DAT, WMV, DVR-MS, DSLR, AVCHD, MPEG-2, MKV, Dual-Stream AVI, MPEG-1, WEBM, MXF, MOV and more.

For Image formats – BMP, TIFF, GIF, HEIC, JPS, MPO, CR2, JPEG, DNG, ARW, NEF, NRW, ORF, SRF, SR2, RAF, RW2 etc.

For Audio formats – AAC, ALAC, WMA, WAV, M4A, OGG, MP3, FLAC, ADPCM.

For Color Lookup Table – 3DL, VF, CMS, CSP, MGA, M3D, CUBE, RV3DLUT.


80% - Good

PowerDirector updates

Regular notifications on your computer screen will remind you of any pending updates. While you can also check the status of updates for PowerDirector from within the tool. On the top of the bar, you can easily find the Blue colored bell icon and upon clicking it you can find Updates status.


70% - Good

cyberlink pricing

CyberLink PowerDirector is available in various pricing models, one can easily pick one suited best for them. They offer a variety of plans to meet everyone’s needs along with the free trial version of 30 days to test the product on your computer. You can get the Lifetime license with the PowerDirector 21 Ultra and Ultimate at $99.99 and $139.99 respectively. The Subscription plan for PowerDirector 365 is available from $69.99 per year which includes tons of features.

Director Suite 365 can be availed at $129.99 with multiple applications such as PhotoDirector, AudioDirector, ColorDirector and More Cloud Storage. Whereas the business model – PowerDirector 365 Business offers Ultimate + Ad Designer and unlimited access to marketing templates at the cost of $149.99.

There are multiple offers that are running at the time, you can avail them by visiting the official website. At the time of writing the post, we found ourselves a huge discount of 30% with the limited offer which ends on November 27th.PowerDirector Upgrade Cost varies from the new user pricing model and can easily be seen as a cost-effective solution.


85% - Very Good

CyberLink PowerDirector is a fast tool and you can expect a good speed while creating and editing videos on your computer. The video editing tools load quickly and you can start your work smoothly while exporting time depends on the device speed. PowerDirector is quick to edit and apply effects. The handy tool however is shown to slow down the PC with low disk storage and hence recommended to be used with the minimum requirement as depicted above.

Customer Support

70% - Good

cyberlink customer support

CyberLink PowerDirector comes with a good support facility. You can find the official webpage of the Support useful with number of Frequently Asked Questions, Latest Updates, Order and support ticket status and Contact Us page.

How To Use Cyberlink PowerDirector?

Step 1:Download the PowerDirector for PC by clicking on the download button below

Run the executable file once downloaded and then follow the steps to complete the installation.

download PowerDirector video editor

You can easily use the free trial to test the PowerDirector video editor for PC, learn how to download the free software on Windows.

Step 2: Launch the application and then you can see PowerDirector take up the entire screen to make it easy to view. However, you can minimize the screen by adjusting the size. You can now begin with the Project by watching the helpful video tutorials or self-exploration.

Launch powerdirector

To start a project, you can start by going to the File>New Project. Next, you are required to pick one of the options from – Media Content where you can find the pre-uploaded images, audio and clips or you can add new.

pre-uploaded images

Step 3: Once you have added the images, video clips and audio, you can start editing them as per your requirements.

added the images powerdirector

Step 4: Starting with the Filters, effects, Text, you can use the tools appearing in the left sidebar, you can create mesmerizing videos. As you progress through the video, you can check for AI tools to add object segmentation for Auro, Lightening effects.

Step 5: Once you have made all the changes, you can save your changes by going to save the Project from the File menu in the top bar.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. Is CyberLink PowerDirector free?

Yes, you can download a free version of CyberLink PowerDirector which can be used for 30 days. PowerDirector free download for PC is available from its official website.

Q2. What is CyberLink PowerDirector used for?

It is a professional level video editor for PC which can help you create and edit the video for your presentation, social media uploads and more.

Q3. Is PowerDirector better than Adobe Premiere?

PowerDirector has multiple features which are available for the video editing but it can only be compared to Adobe Premiere for the price plans. As the latter is more expensive than the former.

Q4. What is CyberLink PowerDirector for PCs?

CyberLink PowerDirector for PC is a video editing utility which comes equipped with tons of features and effects to enhance the videos. Find out all about it in this CyberLink video editing software review blog.

Verdict –

As you can see in this CyberLink PowerDirector review, there are so many features which are offered by the PowerDirector full version, we would recommend you try it out. With the paid version you can get so much more than the free trial version of this software. Therefore, if you are looking to get an easy-to-use video editing tool, PowerDirector for Windows is for you. It is easily an alternative to Adobe’s Creative Cloud and can be used effortlessly on Windows PC.

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