Best Remote Access Software for Windows 11/10 PC

Best Remote Access Software for Windows

Your colleague is dealing with some issues while using his desktop. Without wasting time, how would you fix the Windows-related issues on your colleague’s PC? Well, you can remotely help your colleague by using remote access software. Here are some of the best options to do just that. 

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3.Distant Desktop

Assume this – your friend is new to using a software. And, if you are not in the same geographical location as your friend, it won’t be feasible for you to explain all the menus, techniques, etc while on the call alone. You also have to help him out by transferring him some files related to that software. How would you help your friend or client? Here you can install remote access software both on your PC and your friend’s PC. This way you can get access to your friend’s PC, show him in real-time how to use the various features of the software, and even transfer files. 

Things You Can Expect From A Remote PC Connect Software?

  • Cross-platform functionality – Remotely control a PC from your PC, a remote mobile or any other device and vice-versa. 
  • Multi-Monitor Support – Control multiple monitors of a remote PC.
  • Session Recording – Record remote sessions for training or auditing. 
  • Transfer Files – Perform file transfer operations; access files and folders of a remote device, cut/copy/paste files from device to a remote device or vice-versa. 
  • Manage Permissions – You can control permissions for sharing screen, altering files on remote PC, etc according to the users. 
  • Mobile Access – Access PC with the help of a remote mobile or vice-versa.
  • Wake-on-LAN – Wake up a remote PC from sleep.
  • Remotely-Print Documents – You can print documents from a remote PC to a local computer.

Words of Wisdom – Don’t Get Scammed

Many scammers around the world use some of the tools mentioned below to remotely access devices. So, if someone you don’t trust and who is posing as a customer support agent, office colleague or acquaintance asks you to install one of the below-mentioned tools, instantly hang up and inform the related authorities.

Best Remote Desktop Software

Here is a list of some of the best remote access software with which you can access a remote PC or mobile with your PC –

1. TeamViewer

Team Viewer

When it comes to remote access software Teamviewer is a leading name. It is simple to set up and use. Despite its simplicity, it offers several features with which you can connect to a remote device and collaborate with partners regardless of their location. Here are some of the notable features of this remote access software for Windows PC – 

Notable Features

  • Turn on PC remotely when there is a need.
  • Remote AR assistance.
  • Troubleshoot issues remotely.
  • Secure unattended access.
  • Transfer files of any size from one PC to another.

  • Free for personal use. 
  • Reliable screen sharing. 
  • Secure data encryption during file transfers. 
  • High-speed file transfer.   

  •  Slight learning curve for beginner users. 

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $50.90/ month billed yearly.

Download here

2. AnyDesk


Just like TeamViewer, AnyDesk too is a leading name in the world of remote desktop access utilities that allows seamless connection between computers and other platforms. It is backed with robust security measures and ensures that real-time interactions are smooth. Below are some of the notable aspects of AnyDesk – 

Notable Features

  • Easily control permissions for another device that you are managing remotely.
  • Remotely control any device from your PC and vice-versa.  
  • Share screen with another user whom you trust and vice versa. 
  • Wake on LAN to turn the device on.  
  • Record session if need be.  

  • AES-256 grade encryption.
  • Share the clipboard with another device.  
  • Best-in-class connectivity. 
  • Remotely print documents.  

  • High CPU usage on slower computers. 

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $29.90/ month, billed annually.

Download here

3. Distant Desktop

Distant Desktop

Distant Desktop, as the name suggests allows you to connect and work on computers remotely from anywhere in the world. One of the best aspects of Distant Desktop is that it is optimized for performance, which means the speed is automatically adjusted based on the connection of the remote computer. This can be great if the remote PC’s speed is slow. 

Notable Features

  • Connect to several computers at once. 
  • Install a distant desktop as a service; in this, you can connect with a static ID and password. 
  • Send voice and text messages to your remote partner.
  • View-Only mode facilitates watching activities of the remote PC but the control is disabled. 
  • Not just files you can send system keys, lock the PC or even shut it down with one click.

  • Send files and folders from your PC to a remote host and vice-versa. 
  • Whitelist trusted IDs and prevent unauthorized access.  
  • Keep IDs and other important information pertaining to your clients and partners.  
  • Wake-on-LAN helps wake up a remote computer over the same LAN.   

  • Some users have complained of connection issues. 

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $49.95 for 1 license for 1 year. 

Download here

4. RemotePC


RemotePC is one of the best remote PC connect software with which you can control a remote PC. Not just that, you can manage files, run applications and even perform system-related tasks. The last option can be beneficial when, for instance, you are helping a client, colleague or friend troubleshoot an issue on their Desktop or helping them with some other task on their PC.  

Notable Features

  • The “Always-ON” remote access lets you configure your computer for remote access. 
  • Access files remotely – Search, upload, and download them. 
  • View multiple monitors of a remote PC on a single screen simultaneously.
  • RemotePC also comes with a performance viewer that shows you the FPS. 
  • Reboot a remote PC in normal or safe mode.    

  • Remotely print documents. 
  • Multiple users can access remote computers at the same time. 
  • Connect the PC to a remote Android device to control it.  
  • Draw on a remote screen using a whiteboard.    

  • At times while accessing the remote software, speed can be an issue.  

Pricing – Pricing starts at $24.50/ year. Currently, you can get RemotePC for $2.45 for the first year for 1 PC.

Download here

5. RustDesk


It is an open-source remote desktop software that serves as an alternative to many paid remote desktop applications. One of the best aspects of RustDesk is that the moment you install it, you need minimal configuration. Despite being free and open source, the makers have not compromised on its security. Here are some of the notable features of RustDesk.

Notable Features

  • Can serve as both client and server.  
  • You can provide support from your PC to a remote smartphone or vice-versa. 
  • Change the screen size of the remote device at your convenience. 
  • Not just connect with a remote PC, you can even perform actions like transfer files, TCP tunneling, RDP, etc.  
  • Unattended access facility

  • Easy to set up and configure.
  • Manage permissions and track access via modern UI.
  • Access a device remotely via the web platform of RustDesk. 
  • Great community support.   

  • Minimal customization choices.  

Pricing – Free and open source.

Download here

6. RealVNC


Another simple yet important remote desktop access software that can help you work on a remote PC from your PC is RealVNC. It lets you use the keyboard and mouse of the remote PC as if you were doing it on your PC. Plus, it can be installed on every device that you manage. Let’s discuss some of its prominent features – 

Notable Features 

  • Use the mouse and keyboard or touchscreen of the remote computer from the main computer.
  • Connect with the remote PC regardless of whether the owner is present or not. 
  • Supports all kinds of file transfer operations from one PC to a remote PC or vice versa. 
  • Print files remotely.  
  • Manage remote computers as per roles or permissions especially when working with a team. Permissions can be managed from one central location.   

  • Responsive screen-sharing experience. 
  • Connect the PC to a remote PC or to a mobile or vice versa. 
  • Highly secure.  
  • Install VNC connect on every device that you manage or own so that anyone that you authorize can have access.   

  • Initial setup can be daunting for some users. 

Pricing –  14-day free trial. Then, pricing starts at $24.15/ user/ month billed annually.

Download here

7. UltraViewer


UltraViewer is a remote desktop software that lets users connect and control another computer remotely. It offers features such as file transfer, screen sharing, and remote assistance. You can manage and access a computer from a different location and collaborate or troubleshoot issues. Here are some of its key aspects –

Notable Features 

  • Conveniently chat with a partner. 
  • Share files conveniently. 
  • View activity logs of past remote access sessions.
  • Control multiple computers remotely from one computer.    

  • Prevent remote PCs from going to sleep. 
  • Shutdown a remote desktop from the interface.  
  • Needn’t remember the ID and passwords of partners. 

  • Occasional lags and loss of connectivity. 

Pricing – Free trial available. Then, pricing for one user/ device, access to 3 remote devices starts at $3.99/ month.

Download here

8. Splashtop


Immaterial of the platform, Splashtop is a remote desktop application that can help you establish a remote connection with another device. This means it also serves as a proficient mobile connect software as well. Whether it is showing you the screen of the remote device or making you hear the sounds on it, Splashtop does it all. 

Notable Features

  • Remotely control a variety of device platforms with your Windows PC. 
  • Chat in real-time before, during, and after the remote access session. 
  • View multi-monitors of remote desktop. 
  • Listen to the sound of the remote desktop connection. 
  • Wake-on-LAN to wake up a remote desktop when another PC is on the same network.   

  • Access resource-intensive workstations remotely.  
  • Schedule remote access when required. 
  • Single sign-on feature. 
  • Allow two users to remotely access one computer simultaneously.    

  • Users have reported connection drops and lags. 

Pricing – Free trial available. Pricing starts at $5/ month, billed annually at $60.

 Download here

9. GoToMyPC


GoToMyPC is a web-based remote desktop software that lets you access your PC from another PC remotely provided, both the PCs are connected to the internet. It has multiple data centers across the globe which further adds on to the fact that it can keep your remote connection protected round the clock. 

Notable Features

  • Remotely access all monitors connected to a PC. 
  • Print files saved on the host computer via a local printer.
  • Listen to audio such as music or voicemail on the remote PC.
  • Facilitates remote file transfers between computers. 
  • The security scoring feature prompts you to take action to increase the security of devices and accounts.  

  • Get valuable insights into connectivity status. 
  • You can invite a guest to temporarily join you on your PC.  
  • Keep track of important aspects of the session such as time, origin, and connection duration. 
  • 24X7 technical support.   

  • Limited features in the free trial.

Pricing – Free 7-day trial. After that, pricing starts at $24.90/ PC/ month. 

Download here

10. AirDroid


Last but not the least, if you are looking for remote access software with which you can access your Android mobile remotely with the help of your Windows computer, AirDroid is a great option. While using it personally, we were also able to stream our mobile’s webcam on our computer. Apart from that, we were able to access all the files present on the Android device. 

Notable Features

  • Remotely control your Android smartphone with your PC. 
  • Send and receive WhatsApp text messages. 
  • Mirror one device’s screen on another. 
  • Transfer files – photos, documents, videos.  

  • Fast file transfers. 
  • Resume/ pause functionality.  
  • Easy set up.    

  • Occasionally buggy.  

Pricing – Free trial available. Then, pricing starts at $3.99/ month.

Download here

In this digital landscape, where operations have transcended global boundaries, you needn’t be physically present to work on a PC or smartphone. Even if you are away from your PC that has your important files or you want to access a device on which you want to carry on tasks, all you need is another device. A PC or smartphone can be used as a remote control to get access to another device. For that, we have enlisted some of the best solutions. If you are into more such Windows tools, keep reading Top10PCSoftware articles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the remote desktop?

Remote desktop refers to a technology allowing users to access and control a computer or device from another location, providing a virtualized experience. This enables users to manage files, run applications, and perform tasks as if physically present at the system.

Q2. Which are the best remote access software for Windows?

Popular remote access software for Windows includes TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Chrome Remote Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop, and Splashtop. These tools offer features like secure connections, file transfer, and remote control for efficient and reliable access to Windows systems.

Q3. How To Connect mobile to PC remotely?

To connect a mobile device to a PC remotely, use apps like Microsoft Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, or AnyDesk. Install the app on both devices, configure settings, and use unique codes or credentials to establish a secure connection. This allows controlling the PC from the mobile device.

Q4. How secure is remote desktop?

Remote desktop security depends on factors like encryption, authentication, and access controls. Implement strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and use reputable remote desktop software with encryption protocols. Regularly update software and follow security best practices to enhance the security of remote desktop connections.

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